Deciding Which Schools To Send Your Free ACT / SAT Reports To

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All SAT and ACT test-takers can get their scores sent to a maximum of 4 colleges for free. If you are applying to more than 4 colleges, the costs won’t be waived and you will have to bear the price of sending your ACT/SAT reports to those additional colleges.

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Yes, it’s Free, But…

Before you decide which schools to send your free ACT/SAT reports to, you have to keep in mind that you will not get a chance to see these scores before they are sent out. Depending on how you fared in the exam, this could be a huge disadvantage as you have no control over which scores you choose to send to each school.

Granted, if you take the ACT/SAT again, you can send in those scores (typically higher the second time around) and the colleges will likely superscore your results—meaning they’ll taking the highest score in each subsection from across the two (or three, or four) tests you submit.

There are Plenty of Methods

Some choose the top four colleges on their list, others pick four match or safety fit schools, others choose schools on their list who are test-required while others might be test-optional. Find which method works for you and submit away!

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