Why You Should Take The Optional Writing Test on the ACT / SAT

Not too long ago, the essay portion of the SAT was mandatory, but now—like the ACT—it’s optional. Some students are hesitant to take the writing tests—it’s additional time, effort, and money, so why bother with an optional writing test? Well, there are many benefits you can earn if you do well!

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Colleges May Require the Optional Writing Test

Believe it or not, certain colleges actually require students to submit their ACT / SAT scores with the writing test included. Different schools require different things and may not ask for it, but it could be a good idea to cover your bases and take the writing test just to ensure you have it if required.

Acceptance Odds Boost

A well-written essay can be a great way to increase your odds of acceptance—both via the ACT/SAT written test and your college application essay! While not necessarily the be all end all of an app, the writing test can help your odds, and every little bit counts! So why not flex your writing muscles and take the test?

More Info, Better Decision

College admission officers love information! The more the better, really, when it comes to a student. The more samples, scores, honors, and achievements you provide, the better the picture you paint of yourself as a potential student at their school. Taking the writing test and sending in your scores can better assist the officer in determining if you’re a good fit for their college—which, in turn, helps you to discover if that college is right for you.

Polish Your Writing Skills

Writing is a skill like any other, the more you practice the better you get. It is also a lifelong skill that you’ll use in everyday life. You’ll be writing a lot in college—essays, research assignments, papers, emails, lab write-ups, etc.—so strengthen your writing skills early by studying up for the ACT/SAT!

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