How to Study for the ACT / SAT Test If You’re a Visual Learner

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Do you qualify as a visual learner? Visual learners tend to be people who learn better from reading or seeing information rather than hearing. If you learn this way, you might be curious how you can study for the ACT or SAT test to your advantage. Here are some tips to properly prepare and take advantage of your visual learning skills.

Use ACT and SAT Test Prep Books

Study books are a common way for many students to study for the ACT or SAT. They don’t work for everyone, but if you’re a visual learner, they can absolutely be a positive for your studies. You can pick up copies of these at your local bookstore or online. Before you purchase, you may want to check out some reviews to see which would be the best books for you.

Use One Page Study Guides

Similar to the books, study guides can be great resources for visual learners. These can help you not only tackle the content of the SAT and ACT, but get comfortable with test taking strategies and tips for practicing. They’re often simple pages that can be brought to school with you (or just about anywhere you go), so you can review them when you have the chance.

You can find both simple and complex study guides at your bookstore or print them offline.

Make Flash Cards

Flash cards aren’t the best study material for every aspect of the SAT and ACT, but they can definitely come in handy for some parts of the test. If you want to become more familiar with certain uses of formulas for the math sections of the tests, for example, these can be a powerful resource. They’re also good for building your vocabulary.

You can buy pre-made flash cards online or at a bookstore, but you may also want to consider saving some money and making them yourself. By making them at home, you can concentrate on the things you know you need to study more, which a pre-made pack may not always include. If these options don’t quite work for you, try checking out mobile apps for flash cards!

Watch Videos

Videos can be another study tool you’ll want to consider as a visual learner. Not every video will work for you, as some may concentrate more on listening than reading, but there are quite a number out there, especially when reviewing math. Thankfully though, the internet contains information on just about anything you need. You’ll be able to find videos on test taking strategies, how to study, how to improve your overall score, must know vocabulary words, and more.

A visual learner can absolutely benefit from a number of resources when preparing for the ACT or SAT test. From flash cards to videos to study guides, the internet as well as your bookstore present quite a few options. Find the study tactics that work the best for you and make sure you use them to work towards a higher ACT or SAT score.

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