Different Ways to Study for the ACT / SAT

There are a few different ways to study for the ACT and SAT

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There is no shortage of resources available to students who wish to prepare for their upcoming college entrance exams—the ACT and SAT. Different students respond to different methods, and so there are a variety of ways to study up for the tests. Read on to discover just a few different ways to study.

In-Person Review Sessions

Having difficulty remembering the Pythagorean theorem? Is your vocab a little rusty? Many schools offer review sessions before and after school when ACT/SAT time comes around. Typically teachers will focus on their area of expertise (ie: a math teacher would do a review session of geometry, trig, algebra, etc.) and give students a refresher.

These in-person reviews can be a big help to students who have a lot of questions, or students who require an extra boost of motivation to study—physically sitting in a classroom can make some students pay more attention than studying at home.

Online Study Programs

If you’d prefer the comfort of your own home, there are plenty of internet-based resources for you to peruse. Some require payment, but can be an invaluable source in boosting your grade—just be sure to do your research on the service first. Some sources, of course, are free for student use and can be great for reviewing information you haven’t gone over in a while, or even learning newer concepts.

ACT / SAT Practice Books

You might have seen these hefty books in the College Prep area of your favorite bookstore. Don’t be intimidated by their bulk, because it’s jam-packed with useful information, practice quizzes and tests, strategies, and more. For learners who do well with written material, this may be the best choice for you!

These books are yours to scribble down notes, contemplate answers, highlight important information, and mark up as you see fit. With practice tests and answer keys, the practice books are great resources to use.


Sometimes one-on-one schooling can be helpful. There are many tutoring programs available that focus on ACT and SAT preparation. While not free like an in-school review, these tutors can give individual attention to students, as well as identify the areas that student needs to work on in particular.

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