Creative Ways to Study for the ACT / SAT

Here are some creative ways to study for the ACT / SAT

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If you are a high school student with the ACT and or the SAT coming up then you know you have to study, right? It’s just one of those hard facts of life we all must do! The good news is that there are creative ways to study. In this article we will discuss a few of these ideas and the data to back them up.

There’s a big difference between studying and memorizing. Studying is absorbing the information and understanding it. Memorizing, although scary to some, is something that every human with normal brain function can do. It’s the technique in which you memorize that makes all the difference for your memory.

What’s in it for you?

Any study technique that works for you will do. The key is to retain that information. Cause once you score perfectly because of your hard work, a lot of great colleges will be wanting for you. For example, if you’re going for a biomedical career, top biomedical engineering schools, places like Georgia Institute of Technology, Johns Hopkins University, and many more are ready for you to join them and prepare you for a brilliant future. So, let’s not waste more time dreaming and shoot for the stars these some cool ways to help you study for the SAT / ACT.

Use your 5 senses

By utilizing your five senses, you will be surprised with how much you can improve your memory. For example, color coding certain sections of information with a green highlighter can help trigger that data later on when it’s test time. Hand writing in a notebook the important information gives your hand muscles, eyes, and brain a way to gather that much needed information when you’re sitting in the SAT room. Reading a list of facts out loud using a funny voice will help cement those rascals into your brain using your ears and eyes in this master plan.

Chew only grape bubblegum when studying for chemistry class, and during the test have that same flavor in your mouth. This will help your brain connect the dots towards a great score. All these quirky little techniques help your brain connect the data for your remembrance when called upon. That color, those funny shaped letter a’s that you only use in algebra, a certain perfume or cologne you wear for studying history, remember Anything goes here. Never underestimate these weird and different patterns used when studying.

Online Study Resources and Apps

How about taking advantage of the technical age in which we live? Ever heard of Shmoop? This online educational company makes learning fun and interesting for teens who have grown up in the digital world. Another great site to check out is The Sentence Zone. Using sentence writing strategies, this site offers a youtube video specifically designed for just SAT and ACT prep.

The Magoosh website has some unique studying ideas as well. Math formulas can be kept track of using Twitter. Instagram is good for those lists of vocabulary words. Form a quiz study group and order pizza. Create those boring facts into memes.

College Board SAT advices to get the right book which just happens to be theirs. The reason they want you to get their book is because they have 10 genuine SATs included with the answers. The cool thing about this is that the questions and answers are written using a formula used by SAT creators and you get to familiarize yourself with them. Union Test Prep offers free, yes free, ACT practice tests, flashcards, and study guides. The tests will provide a real experience, the flashcards are for memory triggering, and the study guides will help you dig deeper in your comprehensive studies.

Go running, Go funning, Get out of your way and surprise your brain

Want to maximize those SAT scores? College Prep Express suggests you think out of the box with a book titled, Cook Your Way Through the SAT by Charis Freiman-Mendel. This dope book will help you do just that and have gourmet meals to boot.

Like music? Try Rock the SAT cd’s that includes study materials that add a beat to the information. Need a laugh? Get some pun flashcards that play on vocabulary words or check out Quizlet. It’s free, online, and allows you to study any topic you want. Do you love books? Simon’s Saga and Rave New World are just a couple of teen geared novels that have intentionally inserted SAT vocabulary.

Hopefully some of these creative ways to study will help you out, the takeaway here is trying out what works and what doesn’t! Use either a combination of these techniques or just one clean cut one and break a leg royally! We know you can do it!

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