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Pros and Cons: Being in a Student Organization on Campus

The student years are not only about books and seminars. This wonderful period of time will facilitate your transition to adult life. Students learn how to live by themselves or with roommates, conciliate study time with housekeeping, and network with professors and colleagues. Moreover, if they choose to, they can join a student organization on …
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Pros and Cons of Greek Life on Campus

One of the many interesting experiences that students can have during college is the Greek life. Joining a fraternity or sorority is giving the students a taste of how an independent organization from the educational institute can be managed. Many believe that such a community is a window to the adult world, so consequently this teaches students about …
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The Lost Art of Memorization: How to Utilize Your Memory

Studying is not the same as memorizing. It’s a reality that many students face, but not all understand until it’s possibly too late. That often happens when they go through the semester attending classes, taking tests, and believing at the final exam that they have never heard of certain terms. It leaves them with the …