3 Potential Careers for Art Majors

It’s no secret that art majors often have to defend their degree. Sometimes it’s your parents, but other times it can be a total stranger questioning your education choices. However, no matter what they think, there are plenty of well-paying jobs out there that are looking for people with degrees in art. Here’s just the tip of the iceberg and some of the best paying positions out there:

Creative Director

If you’ve watched Mad Men, you’ve already (sort of) seen a creative director at work. Don Draper was the creative director at his agency and even though the show took place almost 60 years ago, this job is still a real possibility for you. Marketing and advertising agencies are constantly looking for those with a passion for design but also possess leadership and business skills.

You probably won’t become a creative director straight out of college. This is a job that requires a bit of experience under your belt, but you can work yourself up to this position. Art majors after this career will usually have a background working as a designer, art director, or something similar.

Creative directors have a median salary of $85,000, with the possibility of bonuses and profit-sharing, but beginners may start around $42,000. However, at the top, you have the potential to earn $160,000 or more.

Fashion Designer

If you find yourself drawn to fashion and the latest trends, you may seriously want to consider going after a job as a fashion designer. A majority of designers tend to focus on general clothing, but others may find their niche in sports wear, children’s wear, or another specialist area. Fashion isn’t restricted to clothing either; Designers are needed for handbags, shoes, and other accessories.

A job in fashion design requires plenty of hands-on experience. They usually ask for a degree in fashion or a related major, but creative vision and sewing skills are an absolute must-have.

Starting out, a job as a fashion designer may only pay $36,000, but senior fashion designers can earn over $100,000. The average salary is around $62,000.

Product Designer

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Most people don’t think about it, but there is, of course, a designer behind the chair you’re sitting at, the table in front of you, and even the computer or mobile device you’re on at the moment. This is absolutely a position that is open to art majors. In this career, you may design something new from scratch, but a majority in this job tend to improve upon past designs.

An undergraduate degree is required, but some employers may ask for a Master’s or higher. Most want to see a great portfolio though and strong computer skills are needed as you’ll be working with computer design software.

A career in product design can start at around $43,000 and potentially earn you more than $120,000 a year.

These are only three jobs you may be interested in pursuing after you’ve earned your art degree. Other positions include design manager, creative services director, user interface designer, art director, and graphic design. If you have strong business skills, you may even find you want to be your own boss and work on commission! As you go through college, make sure you think ahead towards your goals and choose courses that will help you reach that desired career.

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