What Careers Are Great for an IT Major?

Do you love working with computers, computer systems, and information technology? Are you fascinated with the deep tech side of how networks and security infrastructures work? If you’ve said yes to either of the above questions, then being an IT major will be a perfect fit for you. No matter which specific technology infrastructure you’re interested in, there are some excellent career opportunities available for IT majors.

The information technology field is booming, and IT majors are in high demand for their unique skills and specialty training. Here are some of the most popular jobs currently available for these highly skilled technicians.

An IT major sitting at a desk with three computers.

IT Consultant

IT Consultants work with a wide range of organizations, from small startups to educational institutions, hospitals, and also Fortune 500 companies. Organizations pay these specialists to make recommendations regarding upgrades, cost efficiency, and training for personnel. Some organizations also hire them to set up and monitor their technology infrastructure. Interestingly, CNN often ranks the IT Consultant as one of the15 Best Jobs in America.

An IT Consultant can work anywhere they like and make serious money doing something they love. If you enjoy the business end of IT, working as a consultant may be the perfect job for you. Consultants generally do not work full-time for any one company. They work on an independent basis as contractors.

Mobile App Developer

Mobile App Developers specialize in developing, implementing, and maintaining software for mobile devices. They first meet with clients to understand their needs and requirements. The developer then creates the software to meet these specifications. With the use of mobile tech projected to exceed personal computers, there is definitely a growing demand for mobile app developers.

Computer Forensics Analyst

Computer Forensics Analysts help police departments and the criminal justice system collect evidence and solve cases. They often work on assignments regarding digital security, cyber-bullying, hacking, and fraud. Of course, a large part of their job involves analyzing e-mails, photos, and any type of online or computer file systems.

Given the digital age, computer analysts are in high demand all over the world. This type of work appeals to those with a sense of justice and security. If you love doing security work and helping to solve problems, then this might be the career for you.

Health IT Professional

Do you love working with computers also have a knack for organizing data and helping people keep track of their personal health? If both of the above apply to you, a job as a Health IT Professional may be a perfect fit for you. Health IT Professionals work in hospitals, doctor’s offices, and also in health care facilities.

Their main job involves helping to organize and manage data. Additionally, they make sure all the equipment is working at optimal performance, and keep the hospital’s network running. Because of their hard work, all staff and patients have the information they need at the touch of a button or swipe of a screen.

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