How To Study if You’re an Auditory Learner

There are five main types of learning styles, each with specific traits and preferences for learning. Auditory learners pick up information best when they are hearing the material, or through speaking it aloud themselves and hearing it that way. Auditory learners may be especially skilled at perceiving tone and getting a good feeling of one’s true opinion about something. Not every professor can present materials for every type of learner, so we’ve gathered some helpful tips for auditory learners to employ as they study.

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Study with a Friend

Meet up with a classmate or two, and go through the materials out loud with them. This will give you all the chance to work through the information together and ask any questions you might have. You’ll also be able to hear how others explain the topics, which can open your mind to new ways of understanding the concepts. If you are helping explain an idea to your classmates, it will give you more experience with the material yourself and help you remember it better.

Listen to Yourself

Go through your lecture and discussion notes aloud, and record yourself. There are a lot of great apps out there to download to do this. Then play the recording back and take notes as you listen to it. You can also just read your notes aloud without recording yourself. Hearing yourself go through the notes will be a great way to continue learning the material. You can even make notecards to read out loud, or just read your notes from lecture out loud to help you study.

Ask Questions in Class

Don’t be afraid to speak up if you are having a hard time understanding a certain concept. Professors like questions from students, and listening to them present the idea again will help you understand it. Do be sure to take good notes as the professor goes over the idea a second time, so you can later be sure to spend time learning the topic. If the professor allows it, it could also be worthwhile to record the lecture itself. This would help even more when going over the topics that you are having a tougher time grasping.

Make Up a Rhyme or Song

Mnemonic devices can be particularly helpful in learning and remembering material. I have no problem recalling the planets in our solar system thanks to the handy song I learned in elementary school. Coming up with your own rhymes or mnemonics can be a fun way to master a concept. During an exam, you can easily go over the song in your head to recall the necessary information.

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