Liz Skogerboe


Liz Skogerboe
Liz is the Marketing and Outreach Specialist for College Raptor. She holds a BA in Sociology with a minor in Psychology from the University of Iowa. Her passions include higher education and student development, stemming from her on-campus involvement at Iowa.

Pros and Cons of Individual College Campus Tours

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Individual college campus tours tend to be more intimate than group tours. These tours typically consist of the prospective student, any family members or friends they include on the visit, and the institution’s tour guide. As with any kind of campus tour, there are pros and cons to individual tours. Pros of Individual Campus Tours …

Pros and Cons of Group College Campus Tours

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Odds are, you know that it’s a good idea to visit colleges before deciding on where you want to go. Being on campus, seeing current students, staff, and faculty members going about their day, hitting up the best lunch spot, and envisioning yourself there can help you figure out if a school is the right …

3 Scholarships for Hindu Students


Hinduism is a minority religion in the United States. Reportedly 1% of American citizens practice Hinduism. Thankfully, some organizations are invested in helping this less-recognized group of students pursue their educational goals and provide scholarships for them. SVS (Balaji) Temple of Greater Chicago Amount: $10,000 Deadline: May 15, 2018 This scholarship is intended to help …

Potential Careers for Psychology Majors

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Psychology is a highly popular major. While many students continue on to pursue degrees beyond a bachelor’s there are still things you can do without further education. This list of careers for psychology majors includes some jobs that require further study, and others that do not. Check it out below! Special Education Teacher Yes, studying …

Potential Careers for Computer Science Majors

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Do you love learning any and everything you can about computers? A degree in computer science might be the right path for you. There are many different paths you can take, utilizing different knowledge and skill sets. Check out some possible careers you could have with a computer science degree! Software Developer If you enjoy …

3 Qualities a Cosigner Must Have

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We’ve written about cosigners before, and how you’ll likely need one depending on the type of student loan you take out. Besides just asking someone randomly, consider if the person you want to cosign is the best person you know to ask. Here are some things to look for in a good cosigner. Secure Financial …

Potential Career Paths for Business Majors

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Business is the most popular undergraduate major right now. A lot of different majors and interest areas fall under the umbrella of business, allowing for a diverse group of students to study it. Business doesn’t only mean contracts and negotiations—it means working together with others toward a common goal. Here are some jobs that business …