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Understanding the Safety and Rankings Tab on College Raptor

Safety Tab All school pages on College Raptor have a safety tab. It has information regarding on- and off-campus reports of arrests and criminal offenses. As unfortunate as these crimes are, we feel it is important to share the data with our users. We want you to have a well-rounded understanding of what the campus …
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Understanding a School’s Profile on College Raptor: Academics Tab

The academics tab for a school gives more information about class size, graduation rates, and what the student body population looks like. The first-year retention rate shows the percent of freshmen that stay at Iowa beyond their first year. This can help indicate whether or not students feel comfortable on campus. The next section highlights …
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Understanding a School’s Profile on College Raptor: Cost Tab

The third tab on a school page is chock-full of information breaking down the college costs of attending that particular college or university. The page starts off by showing you the sticker price of the school compared to your personalized net price estimate. The net price is the full cost of attendance, minus grants, scholarships, …