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Winter break is actually a great time to do some SAT/ACT prep.

Winter Break Wisdom: Prep for the ACT/SAT

Studying? During your long-awaited winter break? You might be wondering why you’re even reading this, but trust me, I promise it’s nothing that bad! We know that most students typically like to spend their winter breaks hanging out with friends and catching up on sleep while throwing thoughts of school to the wayside. One thing …
There are consequences for defaulting on student loans
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Dangers of Defaulting on Student Loans

Taking out student loans means eventually paying them back. Failing to make your loan payments on time can result in some pretty hefty consequences. When getting your loan, the lender sets legal terms that you sign for in a document. You also agreed to a schedule of paying back the loan. This document, the promissory …
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How To Study if You’re an Auditory Learner

There are five main types of learning styles, each with specific traits and preferences for learning. Auditory learners pick up information best when they are hearing the material, or through speaking it aloud themselves and hearing it that way. Auditory learners may be especially skilled at perceiving tone and getting a good feeling of one’s …
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Should I Get a Federal or a Private Student Loan?

Paying for college can be difficult because the cost is so high, and it can also be hard to understand. There’s a ton of terminology like loans, grants, scholarships, financial aid, file the FAFSA, etc. to learn about as well. If you are paying for college on your own, the entire process can be even …
What does a "no loan" policy mean for schools
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What Does it Mean When a School Has a “No Loan” Policy?

You may find yourself reading the title of this post and thinking, “Wait, what?” How could a college not have students taking out loans to pay for their education? Is it even possible to pay for college without a loan? However, once you learn more about how and why colleges have a “no loan” policy, …
Here's how to improve your writing skills for applications and essays
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Improve Your Writing Skills for Applications and Essays

Writing, no matter the purpose, can be difficult at times. While there is no perfect system to writing for every single person, utilizing your resources can help you along the way. Read on to discover ways to help you improve your writing skills. Outline Your Ideas Starting with an outline can help you throughout the …
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Colleges with the Best Student Housing

While living in a school-owned building may not seem like every student’s dream, there are quite a few colleges around the United States with top-notch room and board options. We’ve gathered a list of just a handful of the trendiest housing options found in the U.S., in no particular order. Check them out below! Founders Hall, …
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How Many Credit Hours Should I Take?

When I was an orientation leader for the University of Iowa, I worked with our campus academic advisors to help new students build their class schedules. This is one of the questions I was asked the most by students. Many new students come in with an outline of a schedule that they (or their parents) …