A Great Tool to Boost Your SAT Score: The Question and Answer Service

The SAT QAS (Question and Answer Service) can help you ace the SAT next time.

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Didn’t perform as well as you hoped on the SAT? Fear not, we have information on a tool that could help you meet your goals the next time around.

What’s the Question and Answer Service?

The Question and Answer Service (or QAS) is a service provided through the College Board. It allows students to review the exact test they took, their answers for it, a copy of the correct answers. They also receive information regarding the specific details (difficulty and type) of the questions they were asked.

How can the SAT QAS help you?

Having these materials can help you understand where you messed up, and what areas you are stronger in. Retaking the SAT does not mean you get the exact same test by any means. However, you can think of some other ways to prepare and perform better the next time. If you do plan to take advantage of this opportunity, be sure you plan ahead. If you do not order the QAS on time, you may not receive it in time for your retake of the exam.

Try Your Best for the Next Test

If you’re feeling down about your first SAT score, don’t fret about it; it happens. Just make sure you are doing everything you can to achieve a score you are happy with on the next test. If you haven’t had the chance yet, be sure to use our college match tool to find out what schools are great fits for you. You can even see the average SAT and ACT scores of incoming students to help you have a good goal to work towards when taking these exams.

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