About The SAT: SAS Student Answer Service

Much like the ACT, the SAT also has a service that can help you review your results, known as the Student Answer Service. Here’s a quick overview so you can determine if this service is right for you.

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What is the Student Answer Service?

The Student Answer Service, also known as the SAS, is a service provided by the SAT that can help you review your answers after you’ve completed the test. It generally includes the types of questions that were on your particular exam, the difficulty of each question, and whether you omitted the question, got it correct, or got it wrong.

However, it’s important to note that the Student Answer Service differs from the similar service offered by the SAT known as the Question and Answer Service.  The Question and Answer Service also includes the test booklet so you can compare your answers to each particular question. The SAS does not have the original questions.

The SAT also only provides one or the other during each test period and location. If the SAS is available, the Question and Answer Service will not be and vice versa.

How Do You Order the SAS?

You can order the SAS during your registration process, which is the easiest way. It is also available after you complete the test. When you order at registration, you can expect your SAS results about eight weeks after your testing date.

If you are ordering after the SAT, there are three ways to get the packets. Sign in to College Board and select the “order verification” section. Keep in mind, you can only use a credit or debit card online. Phone service is also available for cards. If you’d rather pay through check, there is an order form available online to complete and mail in.

The SAS is only $13.50 making an extremely affordable way to review for the next SAT. In comparison, the Question and Answer Service is $18. Note that you have to order your SAS within five months of the test date in order to receive your materials.

Why Should You Order the SAS?

The number one reason to order the Student Answer Service for your SAT is to review for your next test. It provides you with a great way to check what sections and difficulties gave you the most problems and to prepare for the future test date.

The SAS should also be ordered first before you consider purchasing the Hand Score Verification, which is a manual review of your test for potential errors. This is expensive, so you definitely want to have either the SAS or the Question and Answer Service before you consider buying the manual review.

If you’re planning on taking the SAT more than once during your junior and senior years, it’s highly recommended that you order the Student Answer Service, if not the Question and Answer Service, to prepare for your next exam. It will definitely give you a heads up on what sections you need to improve on for the next go through.

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