What’s The SAT Question-And-Answer Service?

One of the best ways to learn and improve is by analyzing your mistakes. Fortunately, the SAT has a service that can help you do just that—their Question and Answer Service! Essentially, you can get a copy of your test with your answers, and compare them to the correct answers to see which areas you need to improve on for when you retake the SAT!

What You Can Expect From the SAT Question and Answer Service

When you order the SAT Question and Answer Service, you will receive three main components:

  1. A booklet copy that contains all the original questions that were asked in the test that you took. This is a fresh copy of the test.
  2. A table with details of the correct answers for each question along with scoring instructions for each. Along with the correct answers, this table also displays which questions you answered correctly and which you answered incorrectly.
  3. A complete report with detailed explanations of the type and difficulty level of each question.

Should you order the SAT QAS?

It costs $18 to order the SAT Question and Answer Service. Only consider ordering if you are unhappy with your test scores and/or are planning on retaking the test. It may not have any value for you if you are happy with your scores and see no reason to retake.

How Does the Information in the SAT QAS Help You?

If you are planning on retaking the test, you have plenty to gain from the SAT QAS.

You get to see your test day answers, so you know exactly where you scored and where you lost points. This helps you get a better idea of your strong and weak areas so you know what you need to spend more time on when preparing for the retest.

The booklets and the information they contain do not technically study guides or test prep tools, but they help you do better by allowing you to better identify your problem areas so you can spend more time to boost your skills in these areas.

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