University of Michigan’s Free Tuition Program

University of Michigan free tuition

Flickr user Ken Lund

The University of Michigan is making a bold move and offering free tuition to undergraduate students who are residents and whose families make less than $65,000 annually. By doing this, Michigan will be more accessible to students who work hard but previously did not have the means needed to afford college. Michigan is showing it’s commitment to the education of any student, regardless of their wealth.

The University of Michigan free tuition program is called the Go Blue Guarantee. Approximately more than half of families in Michigan would qualify. Besides earning less than $65,000 per year, families must have less than $50,000 in assets. The Go Blue Guarantee will provide four years of free tuition, and students who receive this aid can even qualify for other aid to help cover the cost of non-tuition related expenses. There will be no cap on the number of students who can qualify for this aid.

The state of New York has passed a similar program. It seems that the state of New York and the University of Michigan are the first two dominoes to fall, and more states and schools might eventually follow. 

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