5 Fabulously Easy College Scholarships for All Kinds of Students

The 50 Cans Scholarship is just one of five easy college scholarships

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Scholarship applications and essays take a lot of time to complete. Each requires a specific set of criteria and generally requires new and original content specific to the scholarship. Applying for these scholarships can get tedious. Generally, scholarships ask for long essays. The application process also feels monotonous. However, these five fabulously easy college scholarships are a bit different–a bit less demanding–and might be just what you’re looking for as a break from traditional scholarship applications.

1. Frame My Future Scholarship

With no long application forms or essays, this $1,000 scholarship is perfect for busy students who are burnt out on essay writing. Eligible applicants are success-driven, full-time university students that are also attending school in the US and are legal US residents. Entrants simply create an original photograph, collage, poem, drawing, graphic design piece or other visual work that demonstrates how the entrant frames their future.

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2. American Fire Sprinkler Association

A ten-question, multiple-choice, open-book test is the key to being entered to win this $2,000 scholarship from the American Fire Sprinkler Association. Students read the “Fire Sprinkler Essay” and then take the test. For each correct answer, the student also receives one entry into the drawing for the scholarship. Answer all ten questions correctly and you get ten entries. Each year, the American Fire Sprinkler Association awards 10 legal US citizen or resident high school students the award.

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3. Common Knowledge Scholarships

Online quizzes are also incredibly popular and can help you with everything from learning calculus to finding your spirit animal. The Common Knowledge Foundation has taken online quizzes to another level by creating quizzes that can result in college scholarships for those with the highest score at the end of each quarter. Quizzes cover topics like movies, books, physics and everything in between.

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4. 50 Cans Scholarship

DoSomething.org is giving away scholarships for volunteering and you could be the next lucky winner. Enough aluminum is tossed out yearly to create an entire fleet of commercial airplanes multiple times. By recycling, a used aluminum soda can is turned into a new one in just 60 days. Sign up to recycle at least 50 cans and you could also win a $5,000 scholarship.

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5. ScholarshipPoints Scholarships

Register with ScholarshipPoints.com, earn points, and enter for the chance to win scholarships. It’s that simple. Students who register with ScholarshipPoints are able to complete activities, such as taking surveys, to gain points. The points that students earn from activities are used kind of like tokens at an amusement park. Enough tokens allow you to enter scholarship drawings for differing amounts.

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Want to find more easy college scholarships? In that case, look online and through scholarship databases. Otherwise, talk to your high school counselor. Though there aren’t as many easy college scholarships out there, there are plenty of unique, less mind-numbing scholarships that you can also apply to.

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