The 3 Different Kinds of College Campus Tours

Do you know what to expect during your tours of colleges? You might have a few coming up soon, so you’ll definitely want to know what to look for. Understanding the three types of college campus tours will give you a good idea of what you’ll see while you’re there.

Open House

One of the most common college campus tours are open houses. While they are generally more crowded than the other choices, they can definitely give you a chance to explore the entire campus from the dorm rooms to the classrooms. It’s also a perfect way to get a better picture of the school, instead of seeing things only the tour organizers want you to see.

However, if you would prefer one on one meetings with your potential department heads and teachers, an open house may not be the best opportunity. You will also want to sign up as early as possible and definitely plan ahead. Reservations are often required and particular times of the year are more popular than others.

Traditional Tour

The traditional campus tour is also a popular choice by colleges to introduce prospective students to their school. With a tour guide, the trip is planned out entirely, down to the people you will talk to and the dorms you will see. Group sizes can vary depending on the tour schedule, times, and school decisions. Some groups are smaller with only two families while others may be larger with ten or more.

Students should note that during traditional tours, tour guides will try to bring families to all the important aspects of the school, but some parts may be missed or glossed over due to time constraints. Smaller groups can sometimes request to see specific things, but many tours will not have the time to visit it all. Students may not be able to see everything the school has to offer.

Overnight Campus Tours

Overnight tours are less popular than the other two examples, but they can be extremely informative. Many students will be grouped with others who share the same intended major so they can also get an idea of who they will be seeing in their classes. These tours allow for plenty of time to see the entire campus while also getting a strong idea of what it is like to live in the dorms and the social side of the college. In addition, it gives students a chance to talk to attending students a bit more in depth.

Since they are less popular, many schools do not host overnight tours. However, if you are planning on visiting one that offers this, it is highly recommended. It can give you much more insight into the school than open houses or traditional tours provide. As with open houses, you will definitely want to schedule early. The more desirable dates tend to fill up quickly.

Attending tours at a college is an absolute must. You will be staying there for the next four or five years of your life, so you will want to be sure it is the right fit. Don’t skip them if at all possible. Either of these three types can give you valuable, informative insight into life on campus.

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