ACT / SAT Test Prep Mobile Apps!

Check out these mobile apps to help you prep for the ACT or SAT.

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When you’re studying for the SAT or the ACT, any edge can be a huge help for your efforts. With all the books you’re cracking open, you may have not realized that some assistance is available right on your phone or tablet. Here are some ACT and SAT mobile apps that are great for preparing for your upcoming exam.

Prep4 ACT

One ACT prep app you may want to download on your phone is Prep4 ACT. Starting with eight questions, the app adjusts each course based on your knowledge and skill level. Overall, it contains over a thousand flash cards, a thousand questions, and sixty lessons.

You can even take a practice exam with Prep4 ACT with up to 100 questions. However, some of the information provided by Prep4 ACT can be rather basic. It may not help you study for particular topics.

Daily Practice for the New SAT

The Daily Practice for the New SAT comes straight from the horse’s mouth; it’s offered by the College Board, the administrators of the SAT. Similar to a day calendar, the app provides you with a different question each day. You can also review each question from previous days.

If you’re planning on taking the SAT, you can’t do much better than this app. Each question is approved by the College Board, but, sadly, there currently aren’t many questions available. This should change as the mobile app gets older.

ACT Online Prep

While there are a number of apps for SAT or ACT prep that are free, ACT Online Prep is not one of them. Part of the ACT’s official prep program, it costs $39.95. This can be out of reach for a number of students. However, some may find it worth the fee, as it does scale to each user’s skill level, features practice questions, and allows the user to review the content.

If your friends are also studying for the ACT, you might want to connect with them on this app. You can compete with them and test your knowledge, which may provide the boost you need to do better on test day.

Ready4 SAT

Another SAT app you may want to consider downloading is Ready4 SAT. Very similar to the Prep4 ACT mobile app, it also features over a thousand flash cards and questions with sixty lessons. The entry test does have 10 questions however before determining your lessons instead of 8, which may help better decide your skill level.

You’ll also have the ability to take a practice SAT with up to 100 realistic questions with explanations for each answer. Again similar to the ACT app, it can be basic, so it isn’t the best for all topics.

Although mobile apps can definitely provide a boost to your SAT or ACT preparation, they shouldn’t be your sole avenue for studying. While they can help you in specific areas or give you an idea of questions you may see on either exam, they can’t help with other testing strategies such as time management. However, these mobile apps are perfect when used in conjunction with other study tools!

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