Unusual ACT & SAT Test Prep Tips

Here are some unusual SAT and ACT test prep tips.

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You’ve heard all the regular ACT and SAT test prep tips: Take the practice exams and check your answers. Focus on your weak areas. So here are a few tips that are a bit more unusual when it comes to your ACT and SAT study time.

Use a Distraction Add On

It’s easy to get distracted during studying, especially when it can be a similar topic for several nights or even several hours and the distractions are right within your reach. Distraction add ons for your browsers can help you prevent going to some of your favorite websites including Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

This is even a great tip for later on in your senior year or college years for studying and projects.

Listen to Music

Listening to music while studying has been found to help boost memory and test scores while increasing productivity. You may even find yourself motivated by it! While you may not be able to listen to your favorite band, classical music, scores from movies or video games, and similar songs can work wonders.

Study While Comfortable But Not Too Comfortable

You don’t want to be uncomfortable while studying; it’s a distraction itself. Wear comfortable clothing, sit in a comfortable chair, and have the room set at the right temperature for you.

However, on the other hand, you might want to not be too comfortable. If you are way too comfy studying on your bed, you may want to move to the desk or another part of the house so you don’t fall asleep!

Move Around

While you may be in a comfy spot, that doesn’t mean you have to stay there, especially when it starts becoming uncomfortable. Move to another quiet section of the house or head outside. Your library or park may present you with the perfect setting for some comfortable, no distraction studying.

Chew Gum

Just like listening to music, chewing gum has been found to boost your brainpower. It increases reaction times and helps with your studying. Keep a pack next to you while you’re working through your next study hour for the SAT or ACT.

Relax the Night Before

You’ve been going hard at it the entire study season leading up to your SAT or ACT. The night before is not the time to cram. Take this time to relax and get rid of test jitters. You may want to watch a movie, read a book you’ve been meaning to for a while, or head out with friends. This is even the perfect time to listen to music you love to get pumped up, even though studying wasn’t the best opportunity for these songs.

These are only some of the unusual SAT and ACT test prep tips you can take advantage of! Everyone has their own little study habits that can work wonders for them. You may want to ask your friends what their study habits are and you may find an unusual one that works for you too!

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