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What Should NOT Influence Your Final College Choice

Don't let these factors influence your college decisions. college admissions
While it is absolutely critical to know which factors to take into consideration when making your final college choice, it is just as important to know what factors should not influence your final college choice—at least, not solely or even having a big influence. Listed below are factors that shouldn’t influence your final college decisions: …
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What is a Scholarship Statistics: Where Most College Scholarships Come From (INFOGRAPHIC)

best colleges in usa college admissions
You’ve received a college acceptance letter! Congratulations! It’s an exciting time, but you probably have a few more colleges that haven’t notified you yet whether you’re accepted or not. While you may already know the steps you have to take after receiving the letter, you may not know the things you should avoid. Don’t Make …
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What to Do After You’ve Selected Your College

What should you do after you've chosen a college? college admissions
You’ve received your acceptance letters and you’ve just chosen a college – Congratulations! Now what? These are some steps you should take in the next few weeks and months: Let Your College Know This is the most important step. In your excitement, don’t forget to let the college know you selected them! However, remember that …
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Why You Should Send Thank You Notes During The College App Process

Don't forget to send some thank you notes college admissions
Applying to college is not a solitary endeavor. Although you will be the main person putting everything together, the process inevitably several other people—a mentor who writes your recommendation letters, the counselor who advises you regarding various courses and colleges, the college admissions team who conduct your interviews, a professor you meet while visiting, and …
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