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A Basic GMAT Breakdown

The GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test. college admissions
If you’re planning on going after a Master’s in Business Administration, you’ve most likely heard of the GMAT. It’s an exam that’s central to your education at graduate school and your future in management. Here’s what you need to know about the GMAT: Overview The GMAT, or Graduate Management Admission Test, allows students to demonstrate …
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Reasons to Consider Attending Grad School

Is grad school worth it? college admissions
Every undergrad student faces this dilemma after they graduate—should they start job hunting right away so they can start earning and pay off their debt, or should they go to grad school? There’s an ongoing debate: going to grad school means taking on more debt, but advanced degrees will help you earn substantially more money than …
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A Basic LSAT Breakdown

A gavel with text overlayed that says "a basic breakdown of the LSAT." college admissions
LSAT is an acronym for the Law School Admissions Test. All law students must take and pass this standardized test as a prerequisite to applying law school (although some schools are now accepting the GRE as an alternative). As with any graduate-level exam, preparation and practice are the key elements to your success. Before you start …
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A Breakdown of Graduate School Exams

The GRE is an example of a graduate school exam. college admissions
Just like you had to take the SAT or ACT in order to apply to undergrad school, you will have to take a graduate school exam if you are planning on attending graduate school. Which test you take will depend on the program you are applying to. However, you will likely have to take at …
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How to Make Your Final College Choice on a Deadline

Students sitting in a university campus building. college admissions
Most high school seniors only have until May 1st to choose their college for the upcoming academic year. If you haven’t decided yet, it’s easy to feel the pressure, especially as the deadline approaches. However, there are ways you can help yourself make that choice. Visit The Colleges Again You’ve probably visited the colleges you’re …
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What Should NOT Influence Your Final College Choice

Don't let these factors influence your college decisions. college admissions
While it is absolutely critical to know which factors to take into consideration when making your final college choice, it is just as important to know what factors should not influence your final college choice—at least, not solely or even having a big influence. Listed below are factors that shouldn’t influence your final college decisions: …
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