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The GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test.
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Best GMAT Prep Books

You’ve probably heard of the GMAT before, and if you haven’t, then you might guess by the name that it is a type of standardized test used in the education world. The GMAT is an entrance exam for business school that is 3.5 hours long. It tests specific skills that are important for management and …
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How Hard is it to Get Into Harvard?

Getting into college can be difficult, but what about getting into Harvard University? Is it really as difficult as they say? Well, yes – it is quite tough to get accepted to Harvard! Here’s why and how you can work to increase your chances of getting an acceptance letter from this Ivy League. How Hard …
Hello in foreign languages.
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What is the Foreign Language Requirement for College?

All college admissions offices have general education requirements including foreign language requirements for college. Language proficiency is one of them. Most schools are looking for students who have completed at least two years in these courses. But that number can vary by each school and admissions office.   Even after high school, most colleges require …
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High School Sophomores: End of School Year Checklist

Congratulations on ticking off another year in your high school experience! As you finish up your finals and look forward to spring break, it’s important to remember there are a few other things you need to accomplish – either right after finals or sometime this summer. Your end of school year checklist should include researching …
Affirmative action in college admissions.
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History of Affirmative Action in College Admissions

You’ve likely heard the term “affirmative action” before in regard to the workplace. Did you know it can play a role in college admissions as well? Here’s a breakdown on affirmative action in college admissions, how it came to be, and more: What is Affirmative Action? Affirmative action refers to policies that are designed to …
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Boost Your College Acceptance Odds: Summer Programs

You may not be in school for the summer, but did you know you can absolutely use your summer vacation to help with your college acceptance odds? There are plenty of activities you can do during this “off season” that will look great on college applications. So, what summer programs look best for college? Check …