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All About College Acceptance Rates

Here's everything you need to know about college acceptance rates. college admissions
There is a lot of misinformation about college acceptance rates and the role they play in the college selection process. This can make an already stressful process even more overwhelming. In this article, we aim to explain what college acceptance rates mean and how they impact your choices.  What Do Colleges Acceptance Rates Mean?  The …
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Changes for NACAC’s Student Recruitment Rules

College counselors meeting in a lecture room. college admissions
Higher education is a common topic in the news headlines, especially with the 2020 presidential race underway. However, higher education jumped back into the spotlight recently when NACAC made an announcement about new student recruitment rule changes. Here’s a rundown of what you need to know, and how these changes affect the future of college …
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If College Acceptance Rates Are Low, Should I Bother Applying To That School?

College students walking in front of a Harvard Law School building. college admissions
Acceptance rates are one of many factors you’ll consider when creating a list of potential colleges. Schools with higher acceptance rates are easier to get into than colleges with lower acceptance rates. Does it mean you should only apply to a college with high rates? What happens if the college you’re interested in has a …
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How Do You Know If You’re An Independent College Student?

college admissions
College is certainly a time of growing independence. Many college students would consider themselves independent, in charge of their own day to day tasks and responsibilities. But independent and dependent mean other things in the college world, especially when it comes to financial matters. When filling the FAFSA, you will need to state whether you’re …
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5 Things You Can Do During Winter Break To Impress College Admissions

Snowy Siena College campus - winter break is the perfect time to work on extracurricular activities college admissions
Winter break is the perfect time to fit in tasks that will help boost your application and impress college admissions committees. Working on essays about your extracurricular activities, volunteering, or even visiting colleges; here are a few ideas to get you started: Work on Your College Essays You want your college essay to show the …
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What is the Student Support Services for Federal TRIO?

Students get help at an educational center college admissions
Student Support Services are one of the programs under the TRIO Program umbrella offered by the federal government. Designed to help low income students with school requirements, it may be a service you want to take advantage of. Here’s how it works: What Is TRIO? TRIO originally referred to three programs dedicated to education and …
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Extracurricular Activities That Will Impress College Admissions Boards

These extracurricular activities can impress a college admissions board. college admissions
While participating in any type of extracurricular activity can boost your chances of getting admission into college, there are a few activities in particular that carry a lot of weight. Participating in any of the extracurricular activities mentioned below will impress even the most selective college admissions board. Membership in a Club or an Organization …
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3 Reasons To Do A College Interview

college admissions
Some schools offer applicants the chance to take a college interview. These sessions are often with a faculty member or professor in your intended field, but it can also be an alumnus of the school. If you’re on the fence about the interview though, here are three reasons why you should schedule on. Sometimes It’s …
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