5 Online ACT Test Prep Resources

College Raptor ACTWhen searching for ACT test prep tools, the number of available options can be a bit overwhelming. There are books, websites, online courses, review videos, in-person tutoring, and more. Some of these resources are free, others can be costly.

After spending some time perusing the websites Google suggested, I came up with a list of 5 great online ACT test prep resources.  Below, listed in no particular order, you will find a brief description of each of them. I have also created a chart for quick and easy comparisons.        

1. ACTStudent.org

For the most individualized and interactive ACT test preparation, you will want to go straight to the source. On ACT’s student website, test takers have access to free test prep materials including: question of the day, sample test questions, test taking tips, and a breakdown of test descriptions.  

If you feel like taking it up a notch, ACT is launching their all new Online Prep on December 18, 2015. For $24.95, this service includes one year of access to lessons on the four content areas, personalized learning paths, areas of additional review, practice tests, a free app download, and more. And did I mention they added a gaming component? 

2. SparkNotes

SparkNotes’ version of ACT test prep consists of 17 chapters of review. These 17 chapters cover an overview of each test, strategies for success, and question types, including sample questions. The table of contents breaks the test down into an Orientation, ACT English Review, ACT Math Review, ACT Reading Review, ACT Science Reasoning Review, and a section on Practice Tests.

3. McGraw-Hill Education

The McGraw-Hill Education Practice Plus website provides access to two free, online, full-length practice tests. Included with these two tests are explanations for each question’s answer.  

Then they take it one step further! There are problem-solving videos for each type of question on the ACT. An ACT coach actually talks you through how to go about finding the right answer for each type of question. For example, the reading comprehension section has a video for vocabulary in context questions, main idea questions, specific detail questions, and inference questions. It’s pretty handy, especially if there is one area you can’t quite master, but don’t know why.  

4. Number2.com

Number2.com is a pretty awesome website. Their ACT Companion is completely free. Unlike other ACT test prep options, there is no diagnostic test required before beginning. You simply create an account and it keeps track of your progress. The tutorial consists of a series of practice questions. Which questions follow depends on whether or not you answer the current question correctly.  

That’s the best part about this test prep, it “automatically adapts to your skill level as you go” so you only work on the areas you need to practice. Helpful hints for choosing the correct answer are also provided. It isn’t just a guessing game, you learn how to get the right answer too. If you do guess, and it’s correct, an explanation is still provided.  

So what’s the difference between this and the ACT Online Prep? Well, number2.com is free, the trade off is that the questions on ACT’s page are actually written by ACT. Otherwise, the platforms are quite similar.  

5. Mometrix Test Prep

The Mometrix Test Prep website provides four links to review videos, one for each section of the ACT test. Within those four links are a plethora of videos to choose from. The English section alone contains 74 videos! If you are looking for an in-depth review of everything you could possibly need to know for the ACT, Mometrix will be your go-to website. Access to these videos is completely free and there is no log-in required.  

In addition to the extensive library of review videos, Mometrix also has mini practice tests. Again, there are four tests, which correspond to the ACT’s test sections. After answering the questions, you receive your results. For any questions that you missed, explanations for the correct answer are provided. These practice tests are nice because they are shorter than the real, full-length practice tests. You answer less questions, but still see each type of question that you will run into on test day.  

Hopefully this has helped. I will leave you with a handy chart to compare the websites discussed above. Find which test prep options is right for you, and happy studying!

SparkNotes McGraw-Hill Mometrix Number2.com ACTStudent ACT Online Prep
Price FREE FREE FREE + add-ons FREE FREE $24.95/year
Review Videos x x
Sample Questions x x x x x
Answer Explanations x x x x x
Practice Tests x x
Interactive/ Individualized x x
Gaming Features x
App Available x

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