5 Helpful Last Minute SAT Prep Tips

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The countdown is almost done and the SAT is right around the corner. Coming down to the wire like this can be pretty stressful. But worrying doesn’t help—preparation does! So here are some helpful last minute prep tips:

One More Practice Test

If you have the time to squeeze in one last practice test, do so! Taking practice tests can help you develop your time management skills and further increase your familiarity with the format and content you’ll encounter.

Taking practice tests can also identify your problem areas and your strengths. As the test day comes closer, you should focus your attention on the weaker spots.

Focus on Weak Spots

At this point, your strengths are probably as good as they’re going to get—or at the very least, you can strengthen your weaker areas before the test. Whether you take prep courses, have a tutor, are using a prep book, or are reading up on tip articles, take a look at your weak spots. Every little bit helps.

Don’t Cram the Night Before

If you can, avoid studying the night before. It may seem like counter-intuitive advice, but over-studying is a thing that can lead to burn out. Cramming doesn’t help, and can actually hurt your memory and recall skills. Instead, if you need to, do a quick and simple review of basic concepts and then focus on relaxing.

Take Care of Yourself

There’s nothing quite like a good night’s rest. Get plenty of sleep, eat well, dress comfortably, and have all your materials prepared the night before. You want to go into the test entirely focused on the SAT—not how tired you feel, or your grumbling stomach.

Manage Test Stress

Even with your hard preparation work and rest, the SAT is still incredibly stressful. Some stress and pressure is good—it provides the proper motivation to do well—but too much stress can lead to panic and lower scores. Therefore, it’s key to have some stress management methods in hand—such as deep, steady breathing.

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