Improve Your ACT and SAT Scores with Method Test Prep

It goes without saying that the ACT and SAT are a pretty big deal in the college world. It’s more than just another benchmark. Your ACT and SAT scores can affect your acceptance odds, qualify you for scholarships, and even open up the doors into honors programs. With all that on the line, it pays to study hard and improve your ACT and SAT scores.

To help you achieve your target score, we’ve partnered with an  amazing company that helps students like you better prepare and improve your test scores—Method Test Prep.

Method Test Prep

Method Test Prep can help improve your ACT or SAT scores

Method Test Prep offers both in-person and online services to help students prepare for the ACT or SAT. Though they’re based in New York, students and schools from around the country have taken advantage of Method’s expertise, services, and helpful tools to increase ACT/SAT scores. To help you decide if Method is right for you, here are some of their highlights.


Everyone has a subject (or a few) that just doesn’t click as easily as others. If that’s the case, it can be helpful to have a tutor. Method Test Prep knows how individualized coaching can greatly benefit students struggling with an academic concept. Their tutoring services, either one-on-one or in small groups, can give students tailor-made lessons and strategies suited to their unique learning style. Online or in-person, the MTP tutors are flexible in terms of scheduling—making them both helpful and convenient!

In terms of pricing, MTP offers various tutoring packages. You can pay per session or up to 28 hours worth of tutelage.

Online Classes

Convenience and ease of access are two paramount qualities in today’s digital world. Luckily, Method Test Prep has you covered on both ends when it comes to online ACT or online SAT studying. Their online classes are led by teachers, each recruited and trained by MTP’s founders! Not only will the teachers cover the concepts and subjects within the exams, but also the formatting of the test itself, and test-taking strategies, so students can go into test-day knowing what to expect.

Students will watch the teachers via an online whiteboard, but it’s not just a lecture. If they have a question, students can ask their teachers in real-time with text-chat or even microphones. Can’t make a class? Don’t worry, each session is recorded so you can watch them later. Signing up for online classes also allows access to MTP’s renowned Self-Paced program.

Practice Tests

Practice tests are a fantastic way to get a feel for the real thing. Both the ACT and SAT have strict time limitations, so practicing once or twice beforehand can give students an advantage. MTP offers in-person practice exams at their Plainview and Mineola centers in New York.


Not everyone learns at the same pace, and certainly not everyone has the same schedule. MTP’s self-paced online test prep is designed into manageable 15-minute chunks, has cost-effective pricing, and is proven to help students increase their test scores. It has 25 total hours of teaching content, which students can peruse at their own pace. It’s accessible from any computer, smartphone, or tablet 24/7.

The self-paced program comes packed with helpful content including:

  • Study guides
  • On-demand quizzes
  • Audio, video, and written explanations
  • A 300-word vocabulary builder
  • And plenty of practical advice

Power Classes

But what if the ACT or SAT is coming at you fast and you don’t have a ton of time to study? You may want to look into MTP’s Power Classes. These classes are 2 hours long and focused on a specific section of the test. It’s ideal for students who want a more concentrated study session where they can work on weaker subjects. Lessons will review content, strategies, and go over common questions.

The ACT Power Classes feature English, Math, Reading, and Science—so you can pick and choose as you see fit, or get the 4 class All Access bundle. The SAT Power Classes have Reading, Writing & Language, and Math, or the All Access 3 class bundle.

Prepping for the ACT or SAT

Don’t underestimate these two exams—a lot is riding on them. But with attention, focus, hard work, and some help from our friends at Method Test Prep, you’ll be prepared.

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