Where Can You Find SAT / ACT Practice Questions?

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Whether you are a junior gearing up for your first ACT/SAT or if you’re a senior who wants to improve your score, practice makes perfect. Studying for these exams is a must. One of the best ways to prep? Answering practice questions. Fortunately, there are several places where you can find SAT / ACT practice questions.

Here are just a few you should take advantage of!

ACT.org for ACT Practice Questions

One of the best places to find ACT practice questions is the official website. At this website you will find lots of practice questions, test-taking tips, exam schedules, and everything you could possibly need to know about the ACT. Some resources are free, and others require payment. Either way, they’re worth taking advantage of to boost your scores. 

The Official ACT Prep Guide

Who better to learn from than the people who created the test? A new Official ACT Prep Guide is released every year. This official prep guide contains 4 full-length actual tests that were used in earlier years along with tips, writing prompts, guidelines, and directions.

CollegeBoard.org for SAT Practice Questions

Moving on to the SAT side of things. It’s well worth visiting the College Board site for SAT prep. Like the ACT site, College Board has SAT practice questions, tips, advice, and plenty more. They even offer full-length practice tests through Khan Academy. Some are free, others cost. 

The Official SAT Study Guide

Again, nobody knows the test better than the makers themselves. With the Official SAT Study Guide, you can take 8 official practice tests, practice each question type, read up on essay tips, and learn how to navigate each section.

Method Test Prep

Another great resource? Method Test Prep! With expert instructors and affordable pricing, MTP has a number of convenient classes and services that will fit your schedule. They offer individualized tutoring plans, handy online classes, practice tests, self-paced programs, and even quick last-minute power classes. 

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Your Counselor / School

High school counselors have access to many resources that are helpful for not only test preparation, but they may also be able to help you schedule practice and tutoring sessions as well.

Most high schools will also host review sessions. It’s a great (and usually free) resource to brush up on topics you might not have covered in a while. Or to really cement the concepts. You can ask one-on-one questions with a teacher to make sure you really have the elements down.

A Tutor

While personal tutors can cost a pretty penny, they can also be effective. One-on-one teachings means that a student can focus in on a subject or concept that’s tricky for them. All students learn differently, and a tutor can individualize a lesson plan. Tutors that specialize in ACT / SAT prep will also have access to good prep materials and practice questions.

Don’t gamble with your future—look for SAT and ACT practice questions and start prepping for your test today.

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