Pros and Cons of Taking ACT or SAT Practice Tests Online

There are a lot of methods students use to study and prepare for their ACT or SAT test date: mobile apps, practice exams at school, tutoring, textbooks, and more. A number of test-takers also use practice tests online, but there are pros and cons to this tactic.

Pro: Paperless 

There’s no denying that having practice tests online definitely uses less paper and comparison after the exam on your part. With less or no paper, they’re much easier to keep track of, both your answers and the results. Most programs will also grade them for you, showing what answers were incorrect or unanswered. This makes much less work and organizing for you overall when compared with other, traditional methods.

 Pro: Another Method in Your Arsenal

You already have your other methods for studying for the SAT or ACT that we mentioned before. Online practice tests are definitely an addition worth having. Easy to use, easy to grade, and easy to double-check, they make saving time simple. You’ll also be able to put your skills to the test without getting your hands on paper tests. They’re available right online after all!

Con: Easier to Binge

 Although practice SAT and ACT tests are very easy to obtain online, they’re also extremely easy to binge on. This is something you’ll want to avoid. Taking and retaking any practice exam, online or not, is detrimental to your study habits. You want to be able to have time to revisit your results, see what you did wrong, and study using other methods before a retake of the exam.

If you’re not taking the time to review your results, you’re really not improving each time. In addition, burn out can become a serious problem. It can be tedious retaking the same exams over and over; when it’s time to take the SAT, it can severely have an effect on your grade.

Con: Can Be Expensive

You may be able to find some practice SAT or ACTs online for free, but many will actually come with online prep programs. Some programs are more affordable than others but there are a few that are more costly. The ones that cost money will also have more features that grade the exams for you and design lessons around your results.

However, it’s very easy to let the practice exam costs get out of hand. Before choosing an online prep program, make sure to review the pros and cons of each, what each program offers, and, of course, the final cost. Some go by semesters and subjects (math, science, reading). Also, keep in mind that SAT prep courses do not have science sections, so if you’re taking the ACT or both exams, you will have to get another program.

There’s no doubt that online practice exams for either the SAT or ACT can come in handy while also being a bit friendlier to your organizational skills, printer, and the environment. Just remember to use other study habits and refrain from only focusing on the online practice tests.

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