ACT/SAT Pro Tip: Start With The Easy Questions

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With the SAT and ACT tests, time management is crucial. The exams are created in such a way that every second counts. Waste a few seconds trying to solve a difficult question and you will find yourself struggling to complete the section. Worse still, you are more likely to start getting frustrated and feel less confident in yourself. Unfortunately, you cannot be scored for the questions you do not answer and you will end up losing precious points.

Start with the Easy Questions

The best way to avoid getting into this painful situation is to play to your strengths start with the easy questions. When you get the test paper, skim through it quickly. Mark the sections that are easy to answer and do those first. Not only will this help you maximize your scoring potential but it will also bolster your confidence.

Once you are done with answering the easy questions, it’s time to tackle the ones you skipped. Come back to those difficult questions after you have finished answering all the questions you know the answers to.

Never Leave a Question Blank

If it comes down to it and you’re still stumped on a question: guess the answer. You won’t be penalized for wrong answers (on either test), so it’s best to bubble in your best guess and hope for some points. You should never have an empty answer on your Scantron.

Working on the easy questions first and then answering the more difficult ones allows you to make smart use of the limited time that you have and ensures that you do not lose those easy points unnecessarily.

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