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Olivia Pittman is a Research and Content specialist at College Raptor. All of those questions you've been thinking about while looking for a college? Olivia digs in and finds answers.

Carnegie Mellon University ACT & SAT Scores: What It Takes To Get In

Students applying to Carnegie Mellon usually have high SAT or ACT scores. ACT & SAT
Carnegie Mellon University is perhaps best known for its computer science and engineering programs. However, the private university offers a full range of bachelor’s programs in the arts and humanities as well. Carnegie Mellon receives nearly 20,000 applications each year. Of these, the school accepts 5,000 students. At 24.6 percent, the admissions rate to Carnegie …

Villanova University SAT And ACT Scores: What You Need To Get In

Villanova University - Best Suburban Colleges ACT & SAT
If you’re considering applying to Villanova University, you’re in good company. Each year, the Pennsylvania university receives over 15,000 applications. Of those who apply, about half are accepted. Villanova requires applicants to submit either SAT or ACT scores from tests taken during, or before December, of their senior year. SAT subject tests aren’t required by …

Boston College SAT and ACT Scores: What You Need to Get In

Students walking outside the O’Neill Library at Boston College. ACT & SAT
Interested in attending Boston College? You’re not alone! BC receives over 23,000 applications a year from students all over the globe. Of these applicants, about 34 percent are accepted. Boston College requires an ACT (with writing) or an SAT score before considering your application complete. If you take SAT subject tests, BC will consider those …

How To Qualify As A National Merit Scholar

How do you qualify as a national merit scholar? Take the PSAT ACT & SAT
If you’re like many college hopefuls, you’re looking for any possible source of scholarship money to help you fund your higher education. In your search, you may have heard of a program called the National Merit Scholarship–you may have even taken the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test! But what exactly is the National Merit Scholarship, and …

The 25 Best Small Colleges – 2016 University Rankings

Miller Library on a sunny day at Colby College. college comparisons
Small colleges can be great for students who are looking for a more personal feel around campus. Not only are you likely to get more one-on-one time with your professors, but you could easily know just about everyone on campus. In our Best Small Colleges rankings, we looked at colleges of all types that enroll fewer …

The 25 Best Large Colleges – 2016 University Rankings

University of California-Berkeley college comparisons
Many students are looking for a college experience with a huge campus with thousands of students, football games, and 300-person lectures. Not only do big colleges have more students, but they are often known (whether true or not) for providing bigger opportunities and more freedom to students. If you’re looking for a college where you’ll be surrounded by tens …

5 Study Hacks Proven by Science (and Why They Work)

5 study hacks proven by science and how they work tips tools & advice
Through college, I got a lot of advice from professors and fellow students on a bunch of study hacks. Some of the study hacks I heard sounded crazy to me. Like the students who stayed up all night reading chapter after chapter in a textbook or writing papers. I like my sleep too much! Eventually, …

Regional Gems: Midwest

college comparisons
The Midwest is full of big universities–it’s home to the Big 10 after all! And while these schools are great for some students, they aren’t right for everyone. Some are better fit for smaller colleges, of which they may not even be aware. To shed light on small but deserving colleges around the country, we continue …

Regional Gems: West & South

Student runnng inside University of Dallas campus surrounded with pink flower trees. college comparisons
At College Raptor, we help students find colleges that fit them financially, socially, and academically–which means looking at more than just big-name universities. That’s why we’re drawing attention to smaller colleges across the nation which deserve consideration but may be initially overlooked because of their size. As a continuation of our series on hidden gem …