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Myths about Student Loan Refinance and Consolidation

Here are some myths you need to know about student loan refinance and consolidation myths
Necessary knowledge of student loans doesn’t end after you’ve applied and accepted the granted loans. After college, whether you graduate or leave early, you will be responsible for repaying those amounts so it pays to understand how to do that, which may include loan refinance and consolidation. However, there are a lot of myths floating around …
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Believing In These Two Student Loan Repayment Myths Can Cost You

student loan repayment myths
With several myths about student loan repayment floating around, it can often become difficult to separate fact from fiction. Here are two of the more common student loans repayment myths that college students believe in because they offer some sort of hope. Unfortunately, believing in these falsehoods can cost you considerably. Student Loan Repayment Myth …
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Financial Aid Myths That Are Costing You Money

Coins spilled from a glass jar. myths
When it comes to financial aid, believing in a few myths can cost you a lot. Every year, students lose out on thousands of dollars that they could have gotten by way of scholarships, grants, and federal student loans simply because of a few prevailing misconceptions. Take a look at some of the common financial …
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Myth: There Are Many Unclaimed College Scholarships Every Year

bank vault for college scholarships myths
We’ve all heard it. This idea that there are billions of dollars that are hiding away somewhere for college education. While there are indeed billions of dollars awarded every year, the myth of the unclaimed scholarship money is just that—a myth. Though there is some debate, this myth is thought to have its origins in …
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Myth: I Can’t Apply for Scholarships During Second Semester

campus related to how to get a college scholarship myths
Did you think scholarships were only for high school students and incoming freshman? Not quite! There are actually quite a few scholarships you can apply to while you’re in college. Some of the scholarships listed below have due dates in January, designed to be applied for right during the start of your second semester of …
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Myth: I Should Only Apply to Full-Ride Scholarships

Don't gamble your chances on only full-ride scholarships myths
When applying to colleges, it is important to pursue all possible avenues that could give you or your family a financial break. The costs of college tuition have been rising steadily over the past decade or so. The average cost of an in-state public school over four years, which is widely considered (rightfully) to be …
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6 Myths About Student Loans

A background of bills with text that says "6 myths about student loans." myths
Student loan blues got you down? Never fear! A lot of the fear concerning student loans stems from misconceptions that surround them. You can always call your student loan servicer with any questions to help clear up the confusion. In the meantime though, here is a shortlist of common student loan myths. I Shouldn’t Worry …
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5 Myths About the FAFSA

A question mark against a white background. myths
Filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, commonly known as FAFSA, is one of the most vital steps in the college application process, and one that nearly every student will have to go through. Depending on your personality and approach to work, the FAFSA process may be exciting, or, for some, a dreaded …
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5 Myths about Scholarships

Number 5 on a brick wall. myths
Scholarships are the most well-known form of financial aid, and for good reason: scholarships and grants make up about 57% of all aid awarded each year. But just because their well-known doesn’t mean they’re always well-understood. Myths and misconceptions have sneaked their way into the conversations over the years and have muddled the truth about …
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