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College Admission Essay Brainstorm!

Greetings, college hopefuls. So far, we’ve given you advice on many of the things that we think you need to know in order to survive and thrive during the next four years. For example, what to include on your college applications, we’ve talked about how to deal with the transition and changes, we’ve broken down …
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Do’s and Don’ts: What to Include in College Applications

College applications are a vital part of your ticket to higher education. However, the process is not so glamorous. Actually, it’s a lot harder than it looks. With thousands and thousands of applicants applying to various institutions across the country each year, how do you “stand out” as your guidance counselors told you to? How …
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What is an Offer Letter?

You did it! You worked hard and a college of your choice accepted you. Congratulations, that’s an accomplishment. Now the question is, can you afford it? That’s where the offer letter comes in. Short answer: an offer letter tells you where all the money to pay for college is coming from (minus private student loans). …
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Do’s and Don’ts: Balancing Your College Life

During your college years, there will be many different things that require your attention. Your schoolwork, extracurricular activities, maybe a part-time job, and if you’d like to have a social life, that too. Time will be the most important commodity you have. Learning to make the most of it is vital to your success both …
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Tips for Doing Your Own Laundry

Going to college can be a life-changing experience. You’re in a new environment, making your own decisions, living life. There’s a great feeling of freedom and independence that comes along with that. However, those same advantages can also become drawbacks. Being on your own also means that you have to be responsible for yourself. When …

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