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A silver washing machine with white towels inside the drum.
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Tips for Doing Your Own Laundry

Going to college can be a life-changing experience. You’re in a new environment, making your own decisions, living life. There’s a great feeling of freedom and independence that comes along with that. However, those same advantages can also become drawbacks. Being on your own also means that you have to be responsible for yourself. When …
Two college roommates meeting for the first time and sitting in a bed inside a dorm room.
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Do’s and Don’ts: Meeting Your Roommate for the First Time

You’ve seen the commercials about college. Your dorm is all neat, nicely decorated, and your roommate instantly becomes your best friend upon first meeting. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way. Meeting your roommates for the first time can be awkward and nerve-wracking. What do you say? Will you have anything in common?  Will you …
Build a professional wardrobe from the bottom up
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Building a Professional Wardrobe from the Bottom Up

In high school, our teachers and counselors tell us that “dressing for success” is often the first step to obtaining the jobs and careers we want in the real world. But what does that really mean? What classifies as professional dress? Where would you begin to look? You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. We’re going …
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Making the Most of Your Summer: A Reading List

During the school year, you’re bombarded with books to read from every class. It can get expensive, overwhelming and sometimes downright boring. However, deciding to pick up a book during the summer break has its advantages. Summer break allows you to take your time and choose books that you enjoy. What would you read if …
Staying on campus during summer can feel a bit daunting.
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Making the Most of Your Summer: Staying on Campus

The decision to stay on campus, whether it’s to work, takes classes, or maybe both might be a little daunting. Most of your friends or roommates may have returned home and you might feel like you’re the only soul left to walk on the sidewalks. College Raptor has a few suggestions on making the most …
Things to do in the summer
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Making the Most of Your Summer: A To-Do List

Now that school is over, you’re probably wondering what you’re going to do with all this newly-found free time. You’re wondering what to do in a time that doesn’t demand reading assignments, essays or studying for exams until you can’t see straight. College Raptor is here to lend you a hand in deciding what this …
You're moving home for the summer.
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Making the Most of Your Summer: Moving Home

Congratulations! You’ve finished another full year of college in one piece. After finals have drained what seems like almost every bit of life out of you, you can rest and relax comfortably. Because, hey, you’ve earned it! Now here comes the oh-so-important, million-dollar question…what’s next? For some of you, that “next” means moving home for …
Here's how you can avoid the freshman 15 in the dining hall
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8 Ways to Avoid the Freshman 15: Dining Hall Edition

Throughout your freshman year of college, you’ll probably spend a good about of time in the dining hall. It’s a place where you can meet new people, hang out with friends, or take a quick, refueling study break. The dining hall provides plenty of yummy options, which can make it hard to control your eating …