Making the Most of Your Summer: Staying on Campus

Staying on campus during summer can feel a bit daunting.The decision to stay on campus, whether it’s to work, takes classes, or maybe both might be a little daunting. Most of your friends or roommates may have returned home and you might feel like you’re the only soul left to walk on the sidewalks. College Raptor has a few suggestions on making the most of staying on campus throughout your summer break.

Make a plan.

Set goals for yourself. If you’re taking classes, decide what qualifies as an acceptable grade then maybe bump it up a bit. You’ll have more time to spend on studying without the class-load of a typical semester. Consider how much work goes into achieving that slightly higher grade and commit yourself to it! If you’re going to be working, decide much money would you like to have by the end of summer. You might be saving up for something special or maybe you’re one step closer to paying off those student loans! In either case, don’t put too much pressure on yourself and be honest about what you can and are willing to do.

Stay focused.

We know the sunshine and warm weather can be more interesting than school or work this time of year, but don’t get distracted. Staying focused is a must, because the basic summer class schedule gives you all of the information that you would learn in four months, but is condensed into about six weeks. This can be seen as a disadvantage because it means you can’t afford to slack off! But, the advantage is you finish a semester-long class in a shorter amount of time.

Explore Your Campus.

With most of the students gone home for the break, this gives you a rare opportunity to explore some of your campus’s hidden secrets. Without the masses of people waltzing along the sidewalks, you’ll have more room to really broaden your horizons as to walk your campus has to offer. You might find the opportunity to discover the buildings that you haven’t had a class in, or find a few beautiful study spaces for the upcoming semester. There are plenty You can also take this time to find out what there is to offer outside of campus, like a chill coffee house or a venue for local bands.

Make the Necessary Adjustments.

A summer schedule, whether for school or work, requires adjustments. For example, in terms of scheduling classes, figure out your most productive time of the day and build around that. If it’s morning, aim for at least one morning class. The same rule can be applied to your job or internship. You may also have to adjust your study habits. Those that worked during the fall might not work during the summer, especially if you like to procrastinate and cram.

It may be helpful to take some time and explore new methods like reviewing the material daily since you’ll be handed a larger amount in a class period. Maybe form a study group for exams instead of studying alone. When you show up for class you’re still expected to work just as hard as you during the semester, so be mindful of that and develop a plan to do your absolute best.


Even though you may be staying on campus this summer, it’s still summer! Don’t forget to have a little fun every once in a while. For example, if you’ve finished classes and the weather is beautiful, meet a friend for lunch or catch a movie. Maybe on a weekend if you just need a break, take a stroll in the city you’re in. Explore a part that you’ve never been to. If you did well on an exam, celebrate it. Be sure to balance work with a little play to keep you refreshed and collected.

The bottom line is very simple. If you find yourself staying on campus this summer, make the best of it. Go to class or work, do everything that you’re required to do, and find some time for yourself along the way. Though it may not be a “break” like some of your friends are taking, it’s As fast as summer usually goes, you won’t be missing too much. Trust us. If you’re staying on campus for the summer, comment and tell us how you’re making the most of it. We’d love to hear from you. Happy summer!

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