Making the Most of Your Summer: Moving Home

You're moving home for the summer.Congratulations! You’ve finished another full year of college in one piece. After finals have drained what seems like almost every bit of life out of you, you can rest and relax comfortably. Because, hey, you’ve earned it! Now here comes the oh-so-important, million-dollar question…what’s next?

For some of you, that “next” means moving home for summer break. If that’s you, first things first – you’re going to be dealing with your parents and adjusting to their rules once again. This can be tricky. You probably feel like you shouldn’t have to be subject to their rules because you’ve practically been on your own for the last nine or ten months (and you survived). But, it’s important to keep some peace and harmony in your household to enjoy your summer break, so bear a few thoughts in mind…

You’re not on campus anymore, Toto.

Your dorm or apartment does not equal home and your roommates are now your parents. You’ve gotten used to coming and going as you please, staying up and out until whenever you please, and eating meals at ridiculous hours. There are rules at home. You might have to ask permission before going somewhere, check-in a little more often while you’re out, or you might have to eat meals with the family. You’ll have to try to be conscious of these rules before you make decisions. You’ll get back in the swing of your household rules, but not to worry, when August comes back around, you may click your heals and head back to campus. But, for now, honey, you’re home.

Your parents have to readjust too.

Summer break is an adjustment period for everyone. Just like you have to figure out the home-life, your parent(s) have to adjust to you being back in their hands. You might feel like you’re on vacation, but don’t let it surprise you when your mom doesn’t do your dishes for you anymore!

Their house, their rules.

You’ve heard the saying, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do.” The same principle applies here. In your parent’s house, you have to obey their rules, even if you consider yourself an adult these days. They’re not trying to control you or restrict your freedom, even though it might seem like it. For example, if curfew is usually midnight and you’d like to stay out longer, have a conversation about your newfound, responsible self. It’s easier said than done, but showing your parents you’re not the same high school kid they’ll need to keep an eye on will be necessary.

Communicate and compromise.

We saved this one for last because it’s the best advice we can provide when dealing with parents. If there’s a rule that you don’t necessarily agree with, talk to your parent(s) and find a middle ground. More often than not, they will at least hear you out, and you should give them the same courtesy. Keep the lines of communication open, because if there’s anything you learn in college, it’s that communication is key!

It can be a challenge moving home for the summer, but taking the time to embrace being back with your family and being understanding of the rules will help you create a summer to remember!

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