Making the Most of Your Summer: A To-Do List

Things to do in the summerNow that school is over, you’re probably wondering what you’re going to do with all this newly-found free time. You’re wondering what to do in a time that doesn’t demand reading assignments, essays or studying for exams until you can’t see straight. College Raptor is here to lend you a hand in deciding what this break holds for you! Here’s our list of to-do’s of things to do in the summer to make the most of your summer break.

Get a job.

The most obvious solution. No school equals extra time, which equals an opportunity to make money. The weather’s nicer, you’re reunited with family and close friends, and you have things to do that are going to require some “fun money.” Finding a seasonal job that is flexible with your schedule is pretty easy to do during the summer, reach out to friends and family in your hometown and get to work!

Apply for an internship.

You might’ve heard from your professors or advisors that internships are important. We’re here to tell you that they really, actually If you’ve already decided on your major or have a solid idea about what you want to do in post-college, apply for those internships! Internships are designed to give you that real-world experience and to help you decide if you really want to do what you think you want to do. Internships are also a great opportunity to network and get your foot in the door at a company that could employ you after graduation!

Take classes

This suggestion might not be the most popular, but it’s an awesome way to get ahead for the year to come. There might be a local college in your hometown that offers general education classes that you can knock out (that way you can get to the good stuff when August roles around!) This can possibly save you time and money later on by allowing you to graduate early!  However, before you explore that option, discuss it with your parents and your college/university advisors. You’ll need to be sure that the credits will transfer smoothly when you return to your primary institution. Get as much information as possible so that you can make a solid, informed, decision before any time or money is invested.

Learn Something New!

Take this time to find a new hobby or learn a new skill. If you’re already a pro at making microwaved noodles, try expanding your horizons and taking a cooking class. Your stick people drawings might be sublime, but an art class could give you some drawing range. You could dedicate your summer to creating a better “you” by taking a yoga class or grabbing a membership to your local gym. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and do something different, this is the perfect time to find your hidden talent.

Give Back

Consider volunteering this summer. Think of a cause or organization that you’re passionate about and support it. Donating your time is a great way to meet new people, network, and give back to your community. Check the community boards at your local library or community center and see what programs or volunteer opportunities they offer during the summer. (Pro Tip: Volunteer hours look great on resumes too!)


It’s called summer BREAK for a reason! Taking the time to travel to a new place with friends can give you some of the best memories. It doesn’t have to be some extravagant resort that breaks the bank, it could be gassing up the car and taking a road trip to the beach with your best friends. Our very favorite summer spot? An amusement park! Rollercoasters + funnel cake = magic. The world is full of too many bumper cars and spinning tea cups to sit at home. Go explore and take don’t forget to lots of pictures!

Ultimately, your summer break will be whatever you decide to make it. Whatever you do, be sure to enjoy it! Be sure that you are able to balance work and play and don’t forget to be courteous in your return to home! Find time to make memories with the people, places and things that matter most.