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Myth: Scholarships Are Just For Minority Students

You may think that scholarships are only for minority students but it's not myths
As you move through high school and get closer to college, it’s time to start applying for scholarships. There’s a common thought among high school seniors and juniors that scholarships are only for minority students. If you limit your search, that may seem the case, but it’s far from the truth. When You Only Skim …
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Myth: Applying To Scholarships Is A One-Time Thing

Circle number 1 placed on a blue wooden wall. myths
There are countless scholarships out there and each one has its own unique qualifying criteria and guidelines. Some scholarships offer one-off awards, while others may be recurring, provided that you meet the renewal requirements. However, the one thing in common among all scholarship opportunities is that you are not limited to applying only for your …
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Myth: I Have To File My Taxes Before Filing The FAFSA

Do you have to file your taxes before filing the FAFSA myths
Before you file your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), you’ll have to untangle some of the more complex financial aspects of the process. You’re asking yourself a ton of questions. Things you thought you wouldn’t have to worry about until after you graduated. What’s a dependent? What is my estimated family contribution? What …
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Myth: Only Students With Good Grades Get Financial Aid

It's a myth that good grades get financial aid myths
As senior year goes by and the reality of college gets closer, financial aid might be on your mind. College is expensive, and financial aid is the best way of paying for a higher education. But what if your grades aren’t so stellar? Do only students with good grades get financial aid? Do only students …
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Myth: You Only Have to Submit the FAFSA Once

A gold "1" with a teal background. myths
You hear it over and over your senior year of high school: You have to submit your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)! However, even though you may not hear about it much during college, don’t think the FAFSA is a “one and done” type deal that you only have to fill out before …
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Myth: Only Top Athletes and 4.0 Students Get Scholarships

It's a myth that only top athletes and 4.0 students get scholarships myths
There is a pervading myth that you have to be the best of the best in order to win a scholarship. At a glance, scholarships can seem like they are only easily available to the elite. This means people with extremely high levels of skill in their field of choice–whether it be athletics or academics. …
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6 Myths About Federal Student Loans

Here are 6 federal student loan myths. myths
Taking on student loans is how many college students can afford to go to college. They are often part of financial aid packages from colleges and universities. These student loans can seem daunting, especially with student debt being the highest it’s ever been. But one of the best ways to make something less scary is …
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