Myth: Applying To Scholarships Is A One-Time Thing

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There are countless scholarships out there and each one has its own unique qualifying criteria and guidelines. Some scholarships offer one-off awards, while others may be recurring, provided that you meet the renewal requirements. However, the one thing in common among all scholarship opportunities is that you are not limited to applying only for your freshman year.

Apply to Scholarships Throughout College

You are going to need financial assistance for every year that you are in college. Instead of using loans as your primary source of financial aid, it makes sense to look for scholarship opportunities instead. After all, why borrow money you have to pay back when you can get free money?

The beauty of scholarships is that you can look for opportunities every year and apply to all of those that you qualify for. Most organizations don’t impose any restrictions on the number of times you can apply—unless you win the award. 

Believing in this particular myth could result in you losing out on easy free money!

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