Myth: I Don’t Have to Worry About Repaying My Student Loan Until After I Graduate

worry-student-loans-after-graduationWhen it comes to student loans, many a college student push thoughts of repayment to the backs of their minds. It’s a problem for another day, right? They can worry about repaying loans after graduation…

Well, that may not be the best plan.

College Costs List Repay As You Go

Ideally, you should start trying to repay loans as soon as you can—which can mean while you’re still in school. Starting to repay sooner means you’ll be finished faster, and it’ll put less of a strain on you while you’re just starting off with a new job and no scholarships as cushion.

The less debt you graduate with, the better. Pay as much as your comfortably can each month (more than the minimum, ideally) and you’ll thank yourself in the long run.

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Have a Plan in Place

Even if you don’t repay loans while in college, you should have a plan for how you’re going to repay them. Whether that’s by job searching before you get your grad cap, or going over plan formatting with your student loan lender, you should have a solid idea of what you’re going to do well before you actually have to do it.

Keep Track of What You Owe

With all finances, it’s imperative that you keep an organized record of everything—same with student loans. Keep track of what you owe, what parts you’ve paid back, scholarships and grants you’ve earned, and where your debt level is. Staying on top of this in college will make your life after graduation much easier.

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