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The 25 Best Research Universities – 2016 University Rankings

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Research universities do much of the nation’s most important research and development for a wide array of areas. From developing new pharmaceuticals and nanotechnology to helping us understand the origin of our species and our universe. Not all students at these colleges will study science–or do research–but, research universities, in general, tend to share common …
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The 25 Best Liberal Arts Colleges – 2016 University Rankings

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Liberal arts colleges offer some of the most unique experiences for students. These schools often emphasize well-rounded educations in a diverse range of topics (although not without direction, as most liberal arts schools offer many of the same undergraduate majors found at research universities). They’re also incredibly unique in and of themselves. Liberal arts colleges …
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The 25 Best Colleges in the Southwest – 2016 University Rankings

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The Southwest is an incredibly diverse region of the U.S., featuring arid deserts, rolling plains, and also mountainous forests. Much the same, the colleges from this area are also diverse–from giant state universities that stand for educational excellence to small, private liberal arts colleges. We analyzed hundreds of colleges in the region based on various measures, …
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The 25 Best Colleges in the Northeast – US College Rankings 2016

Students walking outside the O’Neill Library at Boston College. college comparisons
The Northeast is home to some of the most historic and well-respected institutions of higher learning in the country, as well as around the world. From the well-known Ivy League schools such as Harvard and Yale to the possibly lesser-known (but still incredibly selective and rigorous) colleges like Brandeis University and Vassar College, this section …
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The 25 Best Large Colleges – 2016 University Rankings

University of California-Berkeley college comparisons
Many students are looking for a college experience with a huge campus with thousands of students, football games, and 300-person lectures. Not only do big colleges have more students, but they are often known (whether true or not) for providing bigger opportunities and more freedom to students. If you’re looking for a college where you’ll be surrounded by tens …
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The 25 Best Colleges in the West – 2016 University Rankings

Pepperdine University Waves Cafe with a beautiful ocean view. college comparisons
The west coast of the U.S. is known for many things. Aside from In-N-Out, another one of those things is certainly a plethora of outstanding colleges and universities–both public and private. From the extensive, and highly-regarded University of California system to Stanford, Reed, Pomona, and Pitzer, there is no lack of educational opportunity in this section …
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