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A literature teacher, Rose Scott has increasingly serious purposes in improving education. Outside of her pedagogic aims, Rose is keenly interested in writing. If you are one of those who spend nights in searching for ideal headline for your article, follow her on Twitter: @roserose_s

Colleges with the Best Writing Programs

Student's Macbook and blank notebook on their desk. college comparisons
Are you the one who eagerly dives into the deep ocean of reading and is often seized with fits of writing? Then you absolutely need to develop your talent and set your inner voice free. No doubt, first steps can be quite awkward and chaotic thoughts may often mess up your story. But this is …

What are College Writing Centers?

What is a college writing center and how do students benefit from it? questions & answers
If you think that college writing centers are only for those who dream of becoming the next romantic William Shakespeare or horrifying Stephen King, you are on the wrong track. A college student’s journey entails a lot of writing tasks, whether it is a lab report, research paper, or essay. Having a friend or classmate …

Are You an Introvert? Ways to Make Friends in College

Here are some ways an introvert in college can make friends student life
As an introvert in college, some of my teachers strongly recommended me to acquire extroverted characteristics so that I could more easily make friends and land jobs. Did I follow it? Well, frankly speaking, I made a few attempts, but most of them were doomed to fail and you know why? I was, and I …

Tips on How to Write an Academic Paper Easier

Writing a paper can be difficult, but here are some ways to make writing a paper easier. tips tools & advice
It is always hard to make yourself work, even when you are pressed for time and have tight deadlines. Writing an academic paper is a bit complicated, but we’ve come up with some tips that will make it writing a paper easier. Focus and Brainstorm Block yourself from anything that distracts your attention—like social media, e-mails, …

How to Write a College-Worthy Essay in High School

Write a college-worthy high school essay. tips tools & advice
Sometimes to write on a topic is difficult, especially for those who are better at logical thinking and are not super creative. Then another writing assignment becomes a burden. To elicit at least some ideas out of your head, you can brainstorm and draw a tree of ideas on a piece of paper. But what …

How to Deal with Over-Involved Parents at College

How to deal with helicopter parents in college tips tools & advice
When I was a student, I had a friend whose mom was “a helicopter parent” taking extreme care of her offspring. To what extent? Well, she helped her student with accomplishing 80 percent of college assignments, had constant cell phone monitoring, and got in touch with teachers whenever the kid got a low grade. Did this over-protection …

Don’t Even Try It: Excuses Your Teachers Have Already Heard

My dog at my homework is one of many poor excuses tips tools & advice
“My dog ate my homework” just doesn’t work like it used to. If educators were asked to write down every student’s poor excuses to explain why an assignment hadn’t been accomplished, it would definitely be a bestseller series of one hundred fantasy books able to compete even with our beloved Harry Potter novels. It seems …

Why Teacher-Student Communication is So Important

A teacher and student need to communicate with each other. tips tools & advice
Teaching is not just about student supervision and inventing complex multiple-choice tests. It expands its reach far beyond that. The key idea behind educating students is to grow an intelligent and healthy community. To attain the goal, an educator needs to set priorities right and develop teaching methods and approaches based on them. As our …

Common Writing Mistakes Made by College Students

Here are some common writing mistakes students make tips tools & advice
Time flies but the common writing mistakes students tend to make in their essays are still the same. Have you ever imagined that your thoughtful essay may turn to be graded as a poor one, because of some mistakes you failed to notice? Just fancy, you are writing about some serious issues like environmental pollution …