Are You an Introvert? Ways to Make Friends in College

Here are some ways an introvert in college can make friends

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As an introvert in college, some of my teachers strongly recommended me to acquire extroverted characteristics so that I could more easily make friends and land jobs. Did I follow it? Well, frankly speaking, I made a few attempts, but most of them were doomed to fail and you know why? I was, and I still am, an absolute introvert.

So, how can an introvert be sociable? The most crucial thing you should remember is to never change your inner self. The world does need introverts! And there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Below, you will find a short list of prompts that might come in handy for you to make friends in college. Here we go.

Find Common Ground / Interests

There are a huge number of classes during which your educators offer to take part in collaborative activities. This is when you can seize the opportunity to get involved in the discussion and come up with your statements. At this stage, you are likely to better understand who is who. It won’t take you too long to figure out who you would feel at ease with. Just observe your peers and think of those you would like to keep on communicating when it is the best time.

The more you know about some extracurricular activities held at your college, the better. Luckily, colleges often have a wide variety of them to offer. Pick up a few that match your talents and interests. Not to be pressed for time, realistically plan your schedule. Why extracurriculars are a good fit for you? They will not only help you meet like-minded people but also create an extremely easy-going and friendly atmosphere. The rest depends entirely on you and your initiatives.

Start Your Own Club

Explore hobbies and interests and start small by launching your own blog or discussion club. The latter can even be run online if it’s the only suitable option for its participants to join in. Besides, socializing this way can also help you develop leadership qualities and hone your public speaking skills as well.

Knowing that introverts tend to avoid idle talks, draw up a list of questions you’d like to focus on or ask your peers about. Invite only those you feel comfortable with and don’t forget about making some pleasant surprises for your invitees like treating them with homemade cookies or playing games together.

Be Picky About Choosing Your Favorites

For all introverts, it’s crucial to find the right people to share their ideas and freely speak their minds. So it’s ok to be choosy when searching for new friends. If your intuition works well, rely on it. To make the right decision, think of personal qualities that may easily irritate you or let you down as well as the ones that would resonate well with you.

And Remember

While many people have misconceptions about introversion—that introverts are anti-social or shy—it just means that you “recharge” by being by yourself, just as extroverts recharge by being out with people. It’s ok to be either. There are plenty of outgoing introverts and shy extroverts.

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