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Pixabay user StartupStockPhotos

Are you the one who eagerly dives into the deep ocean of reading and is often seized with fits of writing? Then you absolutely need to develop your talent and set your inner voice free. No doubt, first steps can be quite awkward and chaotic thoughts may often mess up your story. But this is not the reason to get upset and give up hope of growing into a mature writer.

Today, you have dozens of opportunities to polish writing skills. You just need to make the right choice and get enrolled either in an online or on-campus writing program. Before surfing the internet, I’d advise you to draw up a check list that would help you make a selection process much easier. For example, you can focus on a program length, lecturers or instructors’ experience, writing genres taught at college, the availability of extracurricular activities like literary or writing support groups, and more.

Well, let’s set the ball rolling and explore some of the programs initiated by famous universities.

Writing Program at the University of San Francisco

If your dream is to study right in the heart of San Francisco and you are a graduate student, this is your lucky chance. Here, you can get Master of Fine Arts and enjoy personalized learning approach. The program lasts for two and a half years and starts each fall. So, now is about the right time to apply for fall 2017 (applications are welcomed till January 15).

Students are guided by faculty mentors and supposed to write two theses. The latter can be a collection of stories, a novel, creative nonfiction, etc. During the entire course you will study autobiographical writing; long, short fiction and nonfiction; prose narrative structure; poetry, and many more interesting things you are sure to find useful.

Writers’ Workshop at the University of Iowa

Have you been long dreaming of taking part in a writing workshop and exchanging ideas with renowned writers? Do consider the University of Iowa then. It is suitable for both undergraduate and graduate students. The former are welcomed to choose from a great variety of creative writing courses, including fiction and poetry, and are required to submit their manuscripts (one short story or six poems) to get approved. The latter can take part in a two-year program which concludes with the awarding of a Master of Fine Arts degree and suggests studying fiction and poetry.

Writing Program at Boston University

For those of you who aren’t ready to study for two years or more, Boston University offers a one-year creative writing program. It is widely known for many remarkable writers who teach and supervise students here. The program is arranged for small number of students though. Namely, there are two groups with ten students studying fiction and eight study poetry.

Additionally, students are given an opportunity to travel and write being in any part of the world thanks to Global Fellowship. On top of this, the program participants can be involved into numerous on-campus cultural activities. So, you won’t be bored, that’s for sure.

Bottom Line

Here’s another bonus tip for you. Do create a calendar with courses or programs that interest you the most and set reminders to timely submit your applications. This proves to work well in practice and makes you more self-organized. I know many creatively-minded people who do suffer from the lack of self-discipline. Well, try out this tip in practice and make the right decision!

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