6 of the Best Pens for Writing in College

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Pens are going to get lost during your time at college and it’s definitely a sad moment when it’s your favorite! But having a pack of trustworthy pens can help ensure you’re never without a writing utensil. Check out these 6 best pens for writing. They’ll have you choosing your notebook over your laptop.

Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens (24 Count)

Paper Mate felt-tip pens in 24 colors.With nearly 5,000 reviews, the Paper Mate Felt Tip Pens pack in assorted colors can be a blast when taking notes for a class or studying. This pack comes with 24 pens total, meaning it can be wonderful too if you’re into drawing or coloring. The felt tip is bold and makes expressive lines, but it won’t bleed through the paper surface.

iBayam Colorful Fine Point Pens (36 Count)

iBayam fine tip best pens for writingWhether you want to take notes or you’re into drawing, iBayam Colorful Fine Point Pens are another great selection. This pack includes 36 pens, each a different color, but there is also a pack of 24 available. The pens are smooth and fine tipped, making them perfect for planners, calendars, note taking, design, and more.

Pilot G2 Retractable Roller Ball Pen (12 Count)

Pilot G2 best pens for writingA favorite of mine and with a 4.5 star rating, the Pilot G2 Retractable Roller Ball Pen writes extremely smoothly and evenly, making it perfect for note taking. They also have a comfortable grip and long lasting ink. This listing contains links to different colors including black, and if 12 is too many for you (or you need more), there are other size packs available for you to buy.

Sakura Stardust Meteor Gel Pens – Assorted Colors (6 Count)

Sakura gel best pens for writingIf you love coloring in important dates on your calendar, are a fan of drawing with pens, or just like different colors, you’ll love these Sakura Stardust Meteor Gel Pens. They’re called “Stardust” because they sparkle and glitter, just like stars, making your writing or artistry stand out. They’re comfortable to write with and can be the perfect “fun pen” to reach for.

Pilot FriXion Erasable Pens – Assorted Colors (7 Count)

FriXion eraseable best pens for writingPilot FriXion Erasable Pens, in assorted colors, are a great choice if you tend to make quite a few mistakes when you’re working. And if you prefer to write with a pen in math over a pencil, this is a good selection in case you make any errors. This pack is also an Amazon’s Choice in erasable pens and has over 5,000 reviews (4.5 star rating). If you’d like a more standard array of colors, they do come in just black or blue as well.

Sharpie Electro Pop Permanent Markers (24 Count)

Sharpie Electro Pop pack of 24If you want to make your artwork or notes really pop, you’ll have to check out Sharpie Fine Ultra Point markers. Their ink dries quickly and the ultra fine tip can get those lines you’re looking for in a drawing. This 24 pack comes with 5 electro pop markers as well as 19 in classic colors.

Whether you need pens for your desk, for studying, or for your artwork, these six choices are excellent places to start your search. Which is your favorite?

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