7 Colleges with the Best Writing Centers

No matter, if you are a freshman at a college or have been a student for a long time, you might need assistance in writing various essays or research papers. That’s what college writing centers are for: you go there to ask for assistance when it comes to some difficulties in your writing tasks.

College writing centers provide you with all necessary handouts and examples of works, as well as offer you help from experienced tutors. And if you want to become a tutor at a writing center, you can apply for a job there!

Almost every college has a writing center. But what are the best ones? Here’s the list of top 7 colleges with the best writing centers!

Harvard University Writing Center – Cambridge, Massachusetts

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The Harvard University Writing Center, which is the part of Harvard University Writing Program, was created to help the student with writing any assignment as well as teaching writing skills.

Included in the top 10 best universities in the world, Harvard pays a lot of attention to quality in every aspect of their educational activity. Harvard University Writing Center offers very experienced tutors and various seminars and lectures aimed at improving your writing skills.

Yale University Writing Center – New Haven, Connecticut

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Being one of the best colleges in the world, Yale University, and its writing center offers a variety of learning programs and has its own writing lab, where you can sit and work on your paper with professional essay writers. Besides, if you’re a multilingual writer, Yale’s writing center offers you a variety of resources, including various tutorials to improve your English.

The University Writing Center – the University of Texas at Austin

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Being the part of the Department of Rhetoric and Writing, the University Writing Center at the University of Texas offers professional assistance from the professors. Writing center provides one-on-one tutorials for students having trouble with writing their assignments as well as for those who want to become professional writers.

Besides, the college center organizes various events for both undergraduates and graduate students on a monthly basis.

The Writing PlaceNorthwestern University, Evanston, Illinois

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Northwestern University offers its student very engaging and informative peer writing consultations. Northwestern’s writing places are located in several different areas, depending on whether you’re a graduate or an undergraduate.

Northwestern University Writing Place also supports many in-depth programs for beginning writers, like the Creative Writing Program for undergraduates, which can also be picked as the major.

Columbia College Writing Center – Upper Manhattan, New York City

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This Ivy League college has one of the finest writing centers with a huge library, where you can find useful resources to help you work on your writing assignment.

Besides providing students with high-quality tutorials, writing center also holds various courses on literature humanities, contemporary civilization, as well as art and music. They also offer group classes on various topics including creative and academic writing.

Brown University Writing Center – Providence, Rhode Island

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Any member of the Brown University Community can get free of charge one-on-one or group lessons in writing in the Brown University Writing Center. The center’s experienced tutors, who also go through a qualification program, help students at every stage of writing a paper, from finding a title to writing down the concluding thoughts. Graduate students with different majors work here as tutors to help other students write in-depth papers on various subjects.

Brown’s writing center also collaborates with its English department, which is considered to be one of the most prestige. So if you need more in-depth assistance, the writing center will be glad to make you an appointment with a professor.

MIT Writing and Communications Center – Cambridge, Massachusetts

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Contrary to the popular belief that MIT has nothing to do with writing, this institute has one of the best writing and communication centers. It offers free advice from professionals and is staffed by experienced communication experts. You will be offered help from professors who also lecture at this institute and have published numerous scientific papers. With their professional help, you can polish your paper and deliberately work on its every stage. Besides, the MIT Writing and Communications Center is equipped with the newest computers and is technologically enhanced, so working there is a real pleasure.

Colleges offer all types of help to their students, and if you have trouble in writing a paper, you can always go to your university’s writing center. There you’ll not only learn about how to write structured papers but also will have a great opportunity to improve your writing skills. Use this opportunity, because proper, logically structured writing is a very important skill that you’ll apply not only during studying but also when you get your future job.

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