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7 Colleges with the Best Writing Centers

college comparisons

No matter, if you are a freshman at a college or have been a student for a long time, you might need an assistance in writing various essays or research papers. That’s what college writing centers are for: you go there to ask for the assistance when it comes to some difficulties in your writing …

How to Strengthen Your Writing Skills for College

Like pencils, you can sharpen your writing skills tips tools & advice

There is no doubt that writing skills are critical for students. A well-written essay is a perfect chance to shine and demonstrate the ability to craft effective arguments on complex topics. In some cases, writing skills are the asset that gives you a chance to get accepted into college. If you’re facing some difficulties with …

How to Choose a College Application Essay Topic

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With the fall of senior year, a special time comes. Most of the written papers and other projects are completed and the students are getting ready for the major work that will determine their future in college. Many of them fail application essays due to quite simple reasons, including irrelevant or overly easy topic that …