Strategies for Determining Most Affordable Schools: The Ivy League

There are potentially many factors that go into building a portfolio of schools when considering your college application options. Academic fit, cost, geography, major field of study, extracurricular offerings and athletics are some of the top considerations.  MyCollegePrice offers an easy way to combine some of these quickly and easily as you try to winnow down your choices from the huge variety of options available to you.

To illustrate this, let’s assume you come from a middle-income family with one parent working with a total of $150,000 in annual income, little or no savings or investments, and two children with the first child (you) now set to apply to college.  Moreover, let’s say that, because of your high academic achievement, personal history, and family interest, you are interested in attending school in the East and particularly interested in the Ivy League.  Many prospective students with such a family and income profile would in the past have, given popular and uninformed notions around college affordability, avoided the Ivy League altogether.  Not so fast…

MyCollegePrice can give you the insight as to what the likely net price would be for each of these schools and how they compare from a cost perspective given their differing approach to price based on family financial background.   Assuming the information above, here’s how these schools compare from a net price perspective via MyCollegePrice.

What are the net costs to attend different Ivy League colleges?

What are the net costs to attend different Ivy League colleges?

Even though some of these schools would still be a stretch from some families with this financial profile, costs have been significantly reduced off the published sticker prices of these institutions.  Yale, for example, comes off significantly cheaper than Brown or Dartmouth when the net price is considered.

Of course, the Ivy League isn’t the only conference or group of schools to which this approach can be applied.  Whether it be the Pac-12, top small private colleges in Ohio or the Seven Sisters, MyCollegePrice gives you a quick and easy method of determining the cost and fit of these schools given your family financial circumstances.