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Colleges for Students Who Love Books!

Whether having loved reading since the early years or having only recently discovered the joys of the written word, a bibliophile is one who is rarely seen without a book. They often venture out of their written worlds to discuss characters, plots, and criticisms. They are found in all majors, not just English and Literature-related …
Here are some colleges with good food
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5 Great Colleges for Foodies

Who doesn’t love good food? Sure, we need it to survive, but there are some of us out there who yearn to explore all sorts of different foods. Thankfully, there are plenty of college towns out there (and college campuses) who happily cater to our needs. Here’s just a small list of colleges with good …
Math equations written with chalk.
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5 Colleges for Mathletes and Math Lovers in General

Does the thought of solving complicated equations make you giddy? Do you enjoy problem-solving in your spare time? Do you have the first hundred decimals of Pi memorized – for fun? Then you, my friend, might be enamored by mathematics! There are, of course, many career options for people who enjoy math, and therefore several …
Red Panda sneaking in the bamboo leaves.
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5 of the Best Colleges for Pet Lovers

It’s hard to resist the allure of animals. If you’ve had pets all your life, it’s not the easiest thing to leave them behind while you’re away at school. True, many schools have therapy dog programs nowadays (although usually only around finals week). But if you’re looking for a slightly more permanent animal situation, here …
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Colleges for Tech Enthusiasts

If you’re a fan of sci-fi shows like Westworld or The Black Mirror, you’re probably well aware of the increasingly large role technology plays in our lives, and how some see this growth as a problem. The only true way to ensure that we minimize misuse of technology, as you know, is to learn as …
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Colleges with Interesting Histories

 The Humble Origins of the Harvard Yard When Harvard was first founded in the 1630s, the first piece of property purchased by the school was a house and an acre of land. This property was located on “Cow-yard Row”. The school distinguished its property from the surrounding name by calling their acre the “College Yard”. …
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Ten Colleges With Amazing Sports on the Water

Water has a way of luring us in, whether we’re going on a beach vacation or taking relaxing laps in the gym pool. If you want to spend your four college years near the water, and all that it has to offer—from fishing to rowing—taking a closer look at these 10 universities and colleges, each …
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5 Colleges for Fitness-Focused Students

Before heading off to their first semester, college students are often bombarded with the warning, “Look out for the freshman fifteen!” While those dreaded extra pounds from subsisting on energy drinks and pizza tend to slip away as you get used to college life, some students, including yourself, may want to avoid it altogether. Luckily, the …
Plenty of colleges have programs for people who love robotics!
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Best Colleges for Students Who Love Robotics

When it comes to pursuing your hobbies at college, there is no end to what is available. There are schools out there with programs and student organizations for everything you can imagine. If you love robotics in high school, or you’re looking to get into it for fun after high school, you should check out …