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Colleges For Students Interested In Political Science

Political science, as its name suggests, is about the intricacies and applications of politics. Whether on a global or domestic scale, political science majors study laws, regulations, governments, policies, diplomacy, and history. Interested in political science? Then you should consider applying to the universities listed below. Not only do all of these institutions offer some …
Check out these archaeology schools and programs.
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Colleges For Students Interested In Archaeology 

If you are curious about the past and love digging around to know more about life many thousands of years ago, you will find an archaeology program immensely exciting. During the course of an archaeology program, you will study history so you have a solid foundation for future fieldwork. An archaeology curriculum also includes sifting …
Here are the best study abroad programs
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Top Ranked Colleges for Students Interested in International Studies and Study Abroad

The prospect of going abroad or learning about governments and cultures besides those in the USA can be a strong draw for some students. There are plenty of schools that offer great programs. Whether you want to travel the world, help teach languages, do international business, or something else entirely. If you’re interested in majoring …
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Colleges for Students Interested In Space!

There are plenty of reasons for people to like space. Space is cool. It’s a great medium to work with problem-solving skills. And let’s be real, who wouldn’t want to go up in a rocket? There are plenty of job opportunities for people interested in space, too. Here’s a list of schools that might be …
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Colleges for Students Who Like Extreme Sports

Some students are content to keep their workouts confined to the safety of a gym or recreation center. Then there are those students who live for the rush of adrenaline that only a more extreme stimulation can give. Few colleges sanction extreme sports due to the higher risk to students’ health, but if you live …
What are some of the benefits of going to college online if you're a veteran?
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Why Military Veterans Should Look to Online Colleges

Life in the military is tough, but life after the military can be even tougher. Many vets are exceedingly employable, equipped with skills that many employers seek out. But, a regular job at a regular company often seems either unfeasible or unsatisfying. On one hand, it seems absurd that a veteran should find it so …
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4 of the Best Colleges for Students Interested in Fashion

Whether it’s for fun or your intended career path, there are plenty of opportunities available for students interested in fashion. “Fashion,” of course, is a broad category: There’s design, marketing, photography, modeling, and other sub-categories. Here are some schools that have activities and programs for interested students. Lasell College – Newton, MA Lasell is well-known …
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5 Colleges with Beautiful Gardens

Whether the weather seems like it or not (looking at you, Midwest), spring is upon us: Greenery is popping out of the ground; trees have new budding leaves; campus gardens are becoming the places to be once again. Here are just a few (of the many) colleges with gorgeous campus gardens. Georgia Southern University – …