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What are some of the benefits of going to college online if you're a veteran?
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Why Military Veterans Should Look to Online Colleges

Life in the military is tough, but life after the military can be even tougher. Many vets are exceedingly employable, equipped with skills that many employers seek out. But, a regular job at a regular company often seems either unfeasible or unsatisfying. On one hand, it seems absurd that a veteran should find it so …
A woman kneeling and fixing the model's black dress.
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4 of the Best Colleges for Students Interested in Fashion

Whether it’s for fun or your intended career path, there are plenty of opportunities available for students interested in fashion. “Fashion,” of course, is a broad category: There’s design, marketing, photography, modeling, and other sub-categories. Here are some schools that have activities and programs for interested students. Lasell College – Newton, MA Lasell is well-known …
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5 Colleges with Beautiful Gardens

Whether the weather seems like it or not (looking at you, Midwest), spring is upon us: Greenery is popping out of the ground; trees have new budding leaves; campus gardens are becoming the places to be once again. Here are just a few (of the many) colleges with gorgeous campus gardens. Georgia Southern University – …
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Colleges for Students Who Love Books!

Whether having loved reading since the early years or having only recently discovered the joys of the written word, a bibliophile is one who is rarely seen without a book. They often venture out of their written worlds to discuss characters, plots, and criticisms. They are found in all majors, not just English and Literature-related …
Here are some colleges with good food
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5 Great Colleges for Foodies

Who doesn’t love good food? Sure, we need it to survive, but there are some of us out there who yearn to explore all sorts of different foods. Thankfully, there are plenty of college towns out there (and college campuses) who happily cater to our needs. Here’s just a small list of colleges with good …
Math equations written with chalk.
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5 Colleges for Mathletes and Math Lovers in General

Does the thought of solving complicated equations make you giddy? Do you enjoy problem-solving in your spare time? Do you have the first hundred decimals of Pi memorized – for fun? Then you, my friend, might be enamored by mathematics! There are, of course, many career options for people who enjoy math, and therefore several …
Red Panda sneaking in the bamboo leaves.
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5 of the Best Colleges for Pet Lovers

It’s hard to resist the allure of animals. If you’ve had pets all your life, it’s not the easiest thing to leave them behind while you’re away at school. True, many schools have therapy dog programs nowadays (although usually only around finals week). But if you’re looking for a slightly more permanent animal situation, here …