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Colleges With Interesting Histories (Part Two)

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Knowing the history of your college can make for some intriguing conversations. And of course, the more fascinating the history, the more interesting the conversation. We’ve put together a few more colleges with some compelling histories. Be sure to check out Part One of our Colleges with Interesting Histories series, too! Fisk University Located in …

Interesting Facts About The ACT


Sometimes, it’s good to take a step back from studying for the ACT and looking at some interesting facts associated with this college entrance exam. Faker Test-Takers When the ACT was first introduced, the admission tickets did not have the students’ photographs on them. Photographs on ACT admission tickets were made mandatory after a cheating …

Interesting Statistics About the SAT


The SAT does not fill many students with a sense of excitement. It’s a test, after all, one with weeks of studying tacked onto it. But there are some interesting fun facts about this college entrance exam that can make it seem a little less tedious. So take a study break and check out these …

3 Fun Facts About The ACT/SAT


Thoughts about the ACT or SAT give most students sleepless nights.  Well, it is an important test but getting overwhelmed by it is not going to help. These few fun facts about the ACT/SAT are just what you need when you are looking for a short, refreshing distraction from the intense studying. The SAT was …