Colleges For Students Interested In Political Science

Flags on the pole of the G7 Summit.

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Political science, as its name suggests, is about the intricacies and applications of politics. Whether on a global or domestic scale, political science majors study laws, regulations, governments, policies, diplomacy, and history.

Interested in political science? Then you should consider applying to the universities listed below. Not only do all of these institutions offer some of the most impressive political science classes and teaching professors, but they are also the alma maters to some of the most well-known American politicians.

Yale University

Yale University tops this list with one of the lowest student to faculty ratios of 6:1. Students in the Yale political science program learn about American politics, ancient and modern political theory, and international relations from professors who have first-hand experience as politicians both on the national and international stage.

Columbia University

Obama is the most well-known of the long list of famous politicians who count Columbia University as their alma mater. Many of the professors have also had illustrious political careers before giving it up to become academicians. Students get to choose 2 of the 4 fields of concentration offered—political theory, American politics, international relationship, and comparative politics.

Brown University

Brown University prides itself on its open curriculum that allows students a high degree of flexibility in choosing their courses. Their aim is to foster an open intellectual community. Every student receives personalized attention with Brown’s low 8:1 student-faculty ratio.

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