Dartmouth College, ranked 16th in the country, is one of the oldest schools and predates the American Revolution. The smallest of the Ivy League schools, it is a private not-for-profit that goes by quarters instead of semesters. It’s located in the rural New Hampshire town of Hanover.

Dartmouth was founded by Eleazar Wheelock. After his initial attempt to teach the Montauks on Long Island failed due to its poor location, Wheelock relocated to Hanover under the name of the Charity School. Although the original mission was again to teach the local Native Americans, the founder was disappointed with the limited success. He focused his efforts on local colonials instead.

Before the 20th century, Dartmouth was poorly funded and was still using traditional, outdated teaching methods. The school’s President from 1893 to 1909, William Jewett Tucker, led the charge for the school’s revitalization. Twenty new buildings were added, more students were admitted, and faculty numbers were increased. This brought the school into national spotlight and later Presidents continued to improve the school. In the 1970’s, Dartmouth would start to admit women and also shift to the famous Dartmouth Plan for academic scheduling.

Dartmouth is home to a number of traditions, some dating back over 100 years. One weekend every quarter is set aside for a celebratory event and the fall term has Dartmouth Night, marked with a bonfire. Winter term is for the Winter Carnival, started by the Dartmouth Outing Club in 1911 to support winter sports. The Outing Club is also responsible for the trip for incoming freshman to Moosilauke Ravine Lodge. In 2011, over 96% of the first years participated. During the Spring, the school hosts campus parties and other celebrations on Green Key weekend.

The college has seen many names pass through their doors, including writer Dr. Seuss, poet Robert Frost, and actresses Sarah Wayne Callies and Mindy Kaling. Several US leaders, including 164 members of the Senate and House of Representatives, have graduated from Dartmouth. Many graduates are also Rhodes Scholars, Pulitzer Prize winners, billionaires, Nobel Prize winners, Olympic medalists, or CEO’s and founders of Fortune 500 companies.

Today, Dartmouth College sits on 269 acres in the rural area of New Hampshire. Currently 6,740 students attend.

Campus Overview

  • Locale Town: Remote

  • Highest degree offered Doctor's degree

  • Academic calendar Quarter

  • Religious affiliation Not applicable

Student Enrollment

Total Students
4,458 (66.1%)
2,286 (33.9%)
Undergraduate Students
Male 2,273
Female 2,184
Graduate Students
Male 1,165
Female 1,120

  • Campus Location

    207 Parkhurst Hall Hanover, NH 03755

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